How to Stop the Food Regret

“It’s ok to throw it away!”

Repeat after me: “It’s ok to throw it away.”

Really, it is!

How many times have you eaten food and when you finished it you felt like it wasn’t even worth the money (or the calories!) you spent on it?


Take a bite. If it’s not worth it, you don’t have to finish it. No Guilt!


Because eating with satisfaction level in mind is the key to a long and healthy relationship with ALL the food we eat. Yep – a healthy and balanced relationship with both vegetables AND chocolate 🙂


When I was young I was told to finish everything on my plate, even if I was already full (you know… starving children in the world…).

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was the beginning of me starting to lose the ability to connect with my inner hunger and fullness levels. Finishing a meal had more to do with whether the plate was cleaned off than whether I was full or not.

Then I got older and started doing multiple fad diets.

At that point, eating became about finishing a certain amount of calories or forcing down food. I didn’t even find satisfying because they were “allowed” on my diet. I had to ignore hunger and fullness levels once again to comply with the rules of these diets.

I also started to become obsessed with food I wasn’t “allowed” on those fad diets, which lead to me binge-eating those foods when around them in moments of “weakness.”

When was the last time you listened to your inner satisfaction level and stopped eating when you were full or stopped eating when you were not feeling satisfied with the food anymore?

Today is the day you can start!

Remind yourself, “It’s ok to throw it away.” If you eat something today and it’s not up to par with how good you thought it would be – you are not obligated to finish it.

If you’re full and there’s still food on your plate – you don’t have to finish it. If you still feel too uncomfortable throwing it away, then wrap it up and save it for later.

This is how we start building a balanced and healthy relationship with ALL the food eat.

Best of all – this is how we accomplish the goals we were hoping to achieve on those failed fad diets in the first place. This is how we build our personal “forever-fit” lifestyle.