"Barb has made it possible for my life to be different in all of the best ways! I found myself waking up everyday and having a normal attitude of discouragement, sadness and depression. It was effecting my life and family in every way. I'm twenty five years old with Lord willing a long life ahead of me and I wanted to make a big positive change! I was feeling very desperate for help and connected with Barb.

I loved her system and the way she works with her clients from day one! It felt right to work with her so I did. I'm a stay at home mom who does not have time to go to the gym everyday. Barb makes it possible for this to be realistic for you and your lifestyle. Every body is different and unique. She works with every person individually to make sure that they get the proper nutrition plan for their body as well as letting you know how active you should be. I love how personal and open I can be with her without any judgement. I'm able to email her at any time of day with any question and she always gets back to me very quickly. The reason Barb works well for me is because with my busy life as a wife and mom, I have someone that can be a constant reminder and encouragement to me of why I'm doing this and why I CAN do it.

She reminds me that I'm doing a great job but also will give me a gentle reminder if I seem to be slacking on something. So thankful for her and for all that she has done for me so far! I've lost 26 lbs and I'm going to keep going! And thankfully, Barb is not only helping me lose weight and get to my goal, but is educating me on how the body works so that I may continue to maintain my health for the rest of my life as well as helping my loved ones. I couldn't have done this without her support and encouragement. I definitely would recommend Barb's Fit for Life to everyone. Even if you're pretty healthy already. I think everyone should know what their individual body needs are and should get some health advice at least once in their lifetime. You won't be sorry!"​


"I started working with Barb about 6 months ago. I told her that my goals was to wear a bikini this year and to feel and look good. I have 2-1/2 year old twin girls. I have lost over 25 pounds and I think my before and after pictures will show that even more of the result has been the inches that I have been able to lose. I love what Barb has done for me with her personal training. I love what she will continue to do for me, as I am ready for my new 90 day challenge.  I am doing great and am really enjoying my program that was set up just for me! I can't thank you enough!"


"What I love about having Barb as my coach... She cares and her level of care is contagious and motivational. She's positive yet realistic. Her aim is to understand what motivates me and use that to help me reach my own goals. I hear Barb's voice in my head helping me believe I can dreally do this. She's focused on me. Sad to say sometimes it's hard for me to focus on myself, but Barb helps me do that because she is totally focused on me when we have our sessions. She never wanders off. That helps me stay focused on me as well.

Losing weight/being healthy is a physical, emotional, and mental game. She understands the dynamic of those three things and works to keep me physically challenged and mentally engaged to do what my body needs and emotionally hopeful and encouraged.​

I've lost over 100 pounds in a little less than two years.

I have more to go, but I feel more confident that I can lose the weight and keep it off now than when I started. That's largely due to Barb and her continuous support. Investing in Barb as my trainer was an investment in myself. It continues to be worth it."


"Since starting with Barb, I have lost 20 pounds! I'm another victim of trying every diet known to man. Yes... some have been effective and I would lose a few pounds, but eventually I gained those pounds back... plus some!  From the minute I started with Barb, she gave me her personal attention... I wasn't just another client to her! She makes your program specialized to your needs. I had some physical challenges we had to work around, but at the end of the day she and I perfected my plan.

I love that she holds you accountable, but also applauds you when you have mastered something, whether it be your personalized intake of calories or mastering an exercise.

She is very accommodating and I love the continuous support and communication she provides! The best feeling in the world is losing weight and getting my body back... wearing the clothes that I've been saving to get back into them one day... well that day has come!

Thank you, Barb!!"​


"My daughter has been a client of Barb's for several years and signed me up for coaching with Barb for Mother's Day this year. I have been on medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol for years and was frustrated with my current numbers. Barb and I worked on a plan to lower these and my weight. Things were going great and life got in the way with my diet and exercise plan. There were summer vacation trips, remodeling a lake house, and broken toes. Every time life threw me a curve, Barb helped me find an easy fix. In three months she revised my workout plan at least four times.

She showed me that with a little preplanning, I never had to be hungry or eat things that "blew" my diet. I was able to have "that glass of wine" or dessert when I wanted it. One of my initial complaints was arthritic pain in my hands. After two weeks of making better choices in food by not eating so much processed food, this pain and swelling has gone away.

I have lowered my blood pressure to the point my doctor is going to cut my medication at my next visit. I have not had my cholesterol levels checked, but I am certain they will be better. Oh yeah! I have lost 15% of my body weight and met my weight goal, as well as, 11 inches in three months!! That is pretty good for a 64 year old. Barb's approach to diet and exercise is not a quick fix but a lifestyle change. No food is off limits which makes it much easier. My exercise plans have increased my strength and flexibility. I am looking forward to better health and wellness as I continue my journey with Barb."​


"I am so glad to have Barb as my coach! My goal with Barb has been to tone up and get more muscle definition. She really listens to me and designs programs based on my wants and needs. Her coaching plans are tailored to me and my specific goals. She's a great motivator, coach and friend!"


"I reconnected with Barb through Facebook, she had been a high school friend. I had already lost a significant amount of weight myself, following a variety of programs and getting to the gym myself. But, I felt like I was just stuck in both my weight loss and exercising. I also really wanted to tone my body, now that I had lost about 35 lbs. My goal with Barb was to create an exercise program that toned my flabby areas, thighs, arms, belly and also increase my strength and stamina so I could do even better in my karate class. I loved the workouts Barb created for me! For the first time I felt like I left the gym feeling like my strength training was effective.

Everything I had tried on my own was not tailored to either my goals or my lifestyle, and Barb made them both successful and fun. She was even able to create a program that put most of my work during the week, when I can get to the gym, and gave me rest time on the weekends when I just wanted to hang out with my family. She was even able to create a hotel room program for me when I traveled. I did a 12 week strength and cardio training program with Barb online, and in the end I saw great results. I developed nice visible biceps and lost a lot of inches all over.

I also went from a size 12 pants into a loose size 10, and even into a size 8! The best part was that I felt confident, like I could do anything! Barb's confidence in me inspired me to keep at the exercise and I competed in my first 5K in September. I had so much fun that I have another one coming up in December. For both, I am combining cardio and strength training and using the exercises that Barb created for me. I know I'm the one in the gym, but I am sure that I would not have felt this drive and had this much success without Barb. Even better, I've kept the weight off and just feel good about myself. I know exactly where to go if I need to create an exercise program for a certain goal!"​


"Barb and I have been friends for a few years now. I've had the honor to witness her being a wonderful wife and amazing mom. Recently, I've had the privilege of working with her on this awesome 'getting fit' journey! This journey is not mine alone, she's with me every step of the way! There are many great coaches out there to work with, but, in my opinion, what sets Barb separate from all the rest is her sincere desire to help others achieve their fitness goals.

She's had her own personal struggles and isn't afraid to share with those that will benefit from knowing that she has walked the same walk in her own life years ago. When I was ready to make the change with my own health and happiness, Barb was the only one that I would turn to. And I'm so very happy that I did!!

Barb and I have worked together since June and I've learned so much from her. She's not only created a workout that is specific to me and my physical needs, but is thorough in her explanation and very detailed. We do not live in the same town or state, so we do everything via Skype and emails. She's literally only a click away.

To date, I have lost 33 lbs and 31.5 inches! I am halfway to my final goal weight. I have learned so much from Barb and I know her coaching has made this progress possible!

Barb is available 24/7, and I know this to be true, because I've needed a little push here or there and she's never failed to give me exactly what I need to get me through a workout or a difficult meal decision. I know she has many clients, but she has a way of making me feel like I'm her only one! And I'm sure that's how it is with each and every client, because that's just the type of person she is. She's sincere, dedicated, fun, and knowledgeable. Barb is the complete package when looking for knowledge, direction, and support. I've nicknamed her the "nice" Jillian Michaels, because she pushes you to a level that you just don't think you can reach, all with a smile on her face. Because she knows that you CAN reach that level and more. I'm eternally grateful for her and once you work with Barb, you'll feel the exact same way as I do!"​


"I LOVE working with Barb on my weight loss and health goals! Her workouts have targeted the areas that I needed the most help with. In fact, about two weeks after starting with her, during our Squat Jumps, my pants kept falling down because I'd lost some inches in my waist with her solutions for me! The nutritional guidance she provides has helped me to make smarter choices about the foods I eat as well. So much so, I'm fitting into my wedding dress with room to spare! Thanks, Barb!"


"My husband and I had all the excuses: kids, work, boredom, lack of convenience, etc. We finally got to the point as our kids got older and involved in activities that it was time to really do something and put those excuses behind us. Barb gave us exactly what we were looking for - she worked with our schedule and with our individual needs. Her workouts are effective and since we can do them in the convenience of our own home, we have no excuse that work got in the way or finding a babysitter prevented us from getting to the gym.

She provides an accountability that is lacking with a large program, and we have really seen success! We have also gained a better understanding of health and nutrition, which has translated into a better way of living for our whole family. It has strengthened us as a couple and family."


"I was surprised to learn that I did not have to sacrifice my favorite foods to lose weight and control my diabetes. Working with Barb taught me to balance my diet and exercise with my busy lifestyle, and the weight and inches came right off. I went from a size 14 to a 10 and have kept off the weight for a number of years now! My diabetes is also under control. Barb listened to my goals, and put together an eating and exercise routine that fits in with my daily activities and helps me accomplish my health goals. She had great tips on curbing my appetite and fixing my problem areas. At 56 I didn't think I could get there... but Barb's coaching makes all the difference."


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