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I've been there...

Feeling like you're too busy to get fit?

Struggling to maintain a healthy diet while on the go?

Feeling guilty that you're not doing "what you should be doing"

(aka: what 'They' say you should be doing) to get and stay healthy?

I've totally been there!

As a busy, working mom, I know what a challenge it is to fit in a workout... and eat right... all while balancing every single one of our many responsibilities!

I help recovering yo-yo dieters find a healthy way to eat forever and bring efficiency to their workouts. 

Check out the ways to work with me below!



The Forever-Fit Warriors (FFW) coaching club for women covers exercise, nutrition and mindset coaching.

This coaching level is for current clients who have already worked with Barb for one-on-one coaching, have reached their goals, and are looking for ongoing workouts and online group support. 

Get live group workout classes online, plus access to my exclusive membership portal with nutrition tools, mindset coaching tools, and over 100+ workouts you can download and use anytime!



Monthly packages - $125/week

Need one-on-one support and accountability?

Each Week You Will Receive the Following.

  • ONE-ON-ONE SESSION: A one-hour online coaching session each week.
  • PERSONAL TRAINING: A customized personal training program from a Certified Personal Trainer with over 14 years of experience.
  • PERSONALIZED WEEKLY WORKOUTS: Workouts include downloadable PDFs, plus online workouts with instruction.
  • ADVANCED NUTRITION SUPPORT: Personalized nutrition coaching as well as a weekly review of food logs (if requested by the client). As a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I provide evidence-based nutrition guidance. Receive support throughout the week, not just during sessions. Clients have the ability to reach out 24/7 via email with questions, and have the option to send in accountability food pictures, if requested by the client.
  • HEALTH COACHING WITH PERSONAL TRAINING:  As a Certified Health Coach (BCS), we will strategize about goal setting and more as a part of our one-on-one sessions. Health coaching and accountability support is offered (as requested) during the week as well. Clients have the ability to reach out 24/7 for accountability and support via email.
  • CORRECTIVE EXERCISE/INJURY REHAB/PREVENTION: With my advanced CES certification, we can include rehabilitation and injury prevention as an integral part of your personalized workouts. While this can’t replace the medical advice or services from a physician or physical therapist, our workouts can support programs that you’ve received from your medical professional.


Completely and totally FREE... seriously!

Take advantage of my free coaching mini-courses to learn more about how you can begin using my Forever Fit lifestyle tips to eat better, lose weight, and (most important) find the balance and freedom you've been craving!

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