Have Trouble Exercising Consistently? Try This.

You know how it can be sometimes. We start an exercise program with the best intentions, and somewhere along the way we start to skip workouts.

What can we do to help us exercise consistently for the long haul?

1) Realize a Super-Strict Workout Schedule May Not Be Best For Everyone (Be Flexible)

Sometimes we think staying rigid with our workout goals is the best way to “be tough” and force ourselves to exercise. While it may work for some, that mindset trap often sets us up for failure. Yes, it’s great to come up with a workout schedule for the week, but it’s also important to understand that life happens.

We get sick, we may have to work late, etc. We miss our scheduled workout times. When that happens remember staying flexible is key for success.

We know we are doing something sustainable when we can get out of that “all-or-nothing” mindset trap with workouts. Remember, something is better than nothing. If you miss your 30 minute planned workout, do a quick 10-minute core workout before bed. Or take a short walk after work. And if you get sick, take the time to rest and get better. You can always start right back after you’re healthy again.

2) Know Your Workout Personality

Where do you feel most comfortable working out? What types of workouts do you enjoy? Are you a morning person or someone who likes to workout in the evening after work? Knowing your workout personality will help you exercise more consistently.

3) Make It A Lifestyle Change Instead Of an Unsustainable Workout Plan

Instead of 1-2 hour workouts in the gym, which may take a huge portion of your day, make your workout schedule fit your busy lifestyle. Trade out the long workouts for efficient and effective moves – like the shorter metabolic strength workouts I’ve sent you in past Friday emails. They are more effective, and require less time commitment.

4) Build Repeatable Habits Instead of Relying on Motivation

I’ve written this in past blog posts, but as a reminder, motivation is NOT the holy grail to becoming forever-fit. Motivation is a buzz word and not required for long term success.

The secret to exercising consistently (long term) has nothing to do with motivation. It’s about building the repeatable habit to move our bodies regularly.

The more we repeat regular workouts (even if they are only 5-10 minutes a day to start) the easier it gets. Exercise becomes a repeatable habit, and we never again have to rely on motivation to take action.

Start to try these tips this week, and let me know how it goes.