Forever Fit Warriors Club

Forever-Fit Warriors is a coaching club exclusively for women that enables you to work on fat loss, mindset and lifestyle transformation. This group coaching level is best for clients who have already worked with Barb for one-on-one coaching, have reached their goals, and are simply looking for ongoing workouts and group support going forward.

Forever Fit Warriors was created

to meet you in the midst of

your crazy, hectic lifestyle.

Your time is precious and limited. I totally get it.

But, getting healthy is still a priority for you... as it should be!

You've struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of your crazy, hectic life. How do you balance it all?

Thankfully, with Forever Fit Warriors, you don't have to sacrifice one or the other!

Whether you work outside the home or change poopie diapers for a living...

Forever Fit Warriors can help you achieve balance in your nutrition and

put sanity back into your workout routine.

Between a stressful job that requires much travel, raising my young daughter, and trying to keep a decent house... I bluntly just started neglecting myself. I found Barb online, and, after reading her story and several of her client reviews, I decided to give it a shot. It has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Barb is so knowledgeable! She has been able to help me lose body fat and gain some muscle that I clearly had lost after having my daughter. I've lost 13 lbs, 4 inches off my waist, 4.5 inches off my hips, and I have visibly increased muscle!


Exercise that fits into YOUR busy life.

The reason why most coaching clubs fail is because you are given all

the education and tips up front and it can feel super overwhelming.

You end up left to fend for yourself, with no guidance, support or engagement.

Forever Fit Warriors is different.

You'll receive continued support with engaging at-home workouts, live online group workout classes multiple times per month, workouts with video tutorials, and downloadable PDFs each month...

plus additional workouts in our exclusive workout archive.

Workouts included in the Forever Fit Warriors training include workouts targeting fat loss, strength training, and toning. And, you'll also get a monthly workout calendar so you know exactly what you need to do to stay on track each month to meet your fitness goals!

Nutrition... the Forever Fit Way

Healthy habits are built for life when sustainable change occurs.

Forever Fit Warriors is designed to help you create your own personal forever-fit lifestyle.

With Forever Fit Warriors, you'll get customizable sample meal plans, nutrition webinars, downloadable shopping lists, restaurant meal list, my nutrition e-books (free).

In addition, a healthy recipe archive with new recipes added each month.

​Forever Fit Warriors is different than anything I've done before... and I've done a Lot. I've learned how to eat the foods I love, without feeling guilty that I "shouldn't" have eaten this or that... that alone has been life changing! But, more than that, I've learned to actually enjoy All kinds of food in a way I never thought was possible... and still lost weight in the process!


Ongoing Support and Daily Coaching

Here are the topics we'll work through together when you begin your Forever Fit Warriors journey...


  • How to make your workouts more efficient and effective - get more results in less workout time at home.
  • Introduction on how to use our extensive workout archive (which has 90+ workout videos - all 20-minutes or less - that you can do at home).
  • Steps to take if you aren't seeing results from your workouts.


  • My 3 steps for meal planning for success.
  • Introduction on how to practice a #NoBannedFoods lifestyle to help you meet your weight loss & eating mindset goals.
  • Understanding the binge-deprive cycle and teaching you how to break free from binge-eating.


  • How to fix this issue: You KNOW you need to exercise and eat right, but you just can't find the motivation or mindset to make it happen.
  • How to set realistic goals you can actually attain & sustain.
  • How to deal when you start feeling impatient with slow progress.

Get help, accountability and support when you need it most!


I know how it feels to be fed up spending money on trainers, nutritionists, diet books or diet products that only work for a little while, but don't give lasting results. In my own journey I had 5 personal trainers and nutritionists and still struggled to maintain results.

I had a bookshelf full of failed diet books and fitness gadgets in my house collecting dust.

I had spent thousands of dollars trying to work on my fitness with little results to show for it.

What we do in Forever-Fit Warriors is different. It's not about fads or strict diets.

It's about YOU and making your fitness work for your unique lifestyle.

And I want to make this coaching affordable for everyone.

For that reason, you can join Forever-Fit Warriors for the affordable price of $34.97

Get ongoing accountability, access to real-time coaching  and a support  system that encourages and motivates you.

The Forever-Fit Warriors coaching club does not just give nutrition or workouts up front, but also provides a monthly focus and ongoing group support. In other words, the club will be programmed for you, so that every month is new, exciting and challenging.

There's always something up new and exciting to engage in and get pumped up for!

Are you ready to find your Forever Fit Solution?

Forever Fit Warriors Monthly Membership

Forever Fit Warriors Monthly Membership

  • Daily Coaching & Accountability
  • Live online group workout classes (hosted by me) multiple times per month in our private Facebook group. Workout from the comfort of your own home
  • A monthly fitness focus and access to our exclusive Forever Fit Warriors group for support & encouragement
  • Mindset discussion to help you stay on track
  • Recipes & Nutritional Support to help you find your specific Forever Fit Nutrition style

$34.97 / month

No credit card required.

One-On-One Coaching: Forever Fit Warriors PLUS+

Get all the great benefits of the Forever Fit Warriors Group, PLUS one-on-one fitness, nutrition, and mindset support from Barb. 

  • Everything from the Forever Fit Warriors monthly, PLUS...
  • One hour monthly coaching sessions with Barb to discuss your progress and support you in meeting your goals
  • Ongoing personalized plans for your specific needs
  • Daily review of your nutrition logs and ongoing support from Barb
  • Continuous progress checks and daily email access to Barb via her personal email for coaching, questions, and accountability

$185 / month

*Subject to approval based on current availability.


We stand behind the value we provide in the Forever Fit Warriors Monthly Membership, and feel confident that you'll love the support and guidance you receive through the information provided in the Forever Fit Warriors portal and through ongoing coaching... 

so confident, that we offer a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied with the support and encouragement you're receiving, just let us know, and we'll be happy to refund your first month's Forever Fit Warriors Monthly Membership investment. 

What busy women, just like you,

are saying about Forever Fit Warriors?

Barb cares. Her level of care is contagious and motivational. Losing weight is a physical, emotional and mental game. She understands the dynamic of those 3. I've lost over 100 pounds in a little less than two years. Investing in Barb was an investment in myself. It continues to be worth it.


There are many great coaches out there to work with, but, in my opinion, what sets Barb separate from all the rest is her sincere desire to help others achieve their fitness goals. To date, I have lost 33 lbs and 31.5 inches! I am halfway to my final goal weight. I have learned so much from Barb and I know her coaching has made this progress possible!


She provides an accountability that is lacking with a large program, and we have really seen success! We have also gained a better understanding of health and nutrition, which has translated into a better way of living for our whole family. It has strengthened us as a couple and family.



Forever Fit Warriors IS For...

  • Women who are tired of fad diets, no carbs, & inefficient workouts, but still have a fat loss or health goal.
  • Women who feel overwhelmed or too busy to get fit. (*Our workouts are super effective & can be done at home, with minimal equipment, in only 10-20 minutes.)
  • Those looking for accountability & guidance from someone who's been where you are.
  • Women with emotional eating, behavioral/mindset roadblocks, & open to new tools to solve these issues.

Forever Fit Warriors is NOT For...

  • Women looking for fast results on a strict time limit.
  • Women still looking for quick-fix, detoxes, weight loss supplements, and/or strict meal plans that tell you exactly what foods you're required to eat.
  • Those not open to trying a #nobannedfoods eating plan, which teaches how to break our food obsession & emotional eating issues.
  • Women closed off to self-growth, setting behavioral goals, or unwilling to try a new approach to fitness.

Got Q's? I've got A's!

What's included in my Forever Fit Warriors monthly membership?

What's included in the Forever Fit Warriors PLUS+ (One-on-One with Barb) monthly membership?

What do I need for the workouts?

Will I lose weight?

How is Forever Fit Warriors different from a diet?

Will I get access to Barb & valuable coaching daily?

Will I get a meal plan to follow?

I have tried everything and I still can't lose weight and keep it off!  How is this different?

About Barb MacGillivary

Barb MacGillivary, NASM CPT, BCS, FNS, WLS
Founder Barb's Fit for Life & Forever Fit Warriors

Hi, I'm Barb MacGillivary! As an Anti-Diet Weight Loss Coach, I help recovering yo-yo dieters find a healthy way to eat forever, and bring efficiency with their workouts.

As a yo-yo dieter myself for 14 years, I lost and regained the same 20 lbs over & over again on countless diets. I know what it's like to struggle with eating & trying to fit in exercise.

As a fitness and nutrition coach I work with busy women, helping them stay consistent with their fitness, and still feeling balanced while juggling life's duties. I also work with women who have a history of dieting and yo-yo weight loss. Women who may have even been successful losing weight in the past, but had trouble keeping it off.

As a busy working mom, I understand these struggles all-to-well! After struggling for far too long with diets that just don't work, I finally achieved sustainable weight loss and felt driven to provide help to those who were like me, motivated, but unsure of what to do to effectively lose weight long term, and fed up with having to use extreme diet or exercise methods to get results for life.

With that in mind, I've put together my best exercise, nutrition and mindset/behavioral tools for those ready for a better way. Forever Fit Warriors is a proven method to lose weight, but more important, keep it off for good.