Busy Woman's Workout Guide

7 Days of FREE Fat-Burning Workouts! 

Each workout only takes 10-20 minutes per day!

Burn fat, firm up & stay fit when life gets busy!

*All you need is your bodyweight. (Dumbbells optional)

With The Busy Woman's Workout Guide You'll…

  • Challenge yourself with 7 short, efficient workouts formulated to stoke your metabolism, burn fat, and increase your endurance.
  • Learn how to workout most effectively at home with minimal exercise equipment.
  • Feel more in control and on track with your fitness, even when life gets busy.
  • Gain confidence to know how to workout and get real results with a minimal time commitment each day.

Have no time to workout?

I've got you covered with my FREE

Busy Woman's Workout Guide!

Hi! I'm Barb MacGillivary

As an Anti-Diet Weight Loss Coach, I help recovering yo-yo dieters find a healthy way to eat forever, and bring efficiency with their workouts.

As a yo-yo dieter myself for 14 years, I lost and regained the same 20 lbs over & over again on countless diets.

I know what it's like to struggle to fit in exercising with a crazy, hectic lifestyle! The short, effective workouts I provide you in this guide will be sure to set you up for success!

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