Wow, This Was a Huge Game Changer for Me (Healthiest Weight)

Today’s blog post should be filed under the topic of things an old business coach told me “never to write about.” 


Because she said, “Barb, people WANT to diet and lose as much weight as FAST they can, no matter what they have to give up to get there. You can’t build your online coaching business promoting moderation, sustainability and enjoyment while working on health goals. People actually want fitness to feel hard, so they feel like it’s working.”

Um… what?!!? Living a fit life should not feel like deprivation 24/7! I know we are taught getting healthy should feel hard by the billion-dollar diet industry, but I want to change that. I’d like to show people you can still enjoy your life while reaching your health goals!

Luckily, I didn’t listen to her and soon quit my business coaching relationship with her. I found another business coach who understood and supported my vision of “anti-diet weight loss coaching. (By the way, I found clients who were ready to give up the deprivation and live the anti-diet weight loss lifestyle without a problem). Hopefully if you’re a Barb’s Fit For Life blog reader you also want to find a better way to reach your goals 😉



With that said… what was the huge game-changer for me that this coach would not want me to tell you?

It was about finding your BEST, HEALTHIEST WEIGHT, and NOT chasing a specific lower number on the scale that causes you to feel so deprived in order to hit that number!

Can you relate to this at all?

Let me explain what I mean by the “healthiest weight” game-changer.

When I was in the height of my yo-yo dieting years I used to chase a certain lower “dream weight.”  I did reach that lower “dream weight” number occasionally through strict dieting. Unfortunately, over time I learned maintaining my “dream weight” came with tons of deprivation, as well as missing out on some of the fun in life.

Finally, after 14 years of chasing this “dream weight” it hit me… it wasn’t worth it.

So, I decided to maintain a weight a little higher than this “dream weight.” But by doing that I’m now living a much happier, healthier and balanced life.

Best of all, because I’m consistent with my healthy habits (instead of all or nothing dieting), my blood work and other health markers are consistently better now. Prior to that my blood work from the doc would be “good” one year and not-so-good the next year (whether I was on or off my diets).



NO! It’s not settling. I’m not saying it’s bad to have a health goal, or a weight loss goal either.

What I am saying is that fitness should not rule your life so much that it takes over your life.

When I did reach my lowest “dream weight,” I couldn’t enjoy occasional treats with my husband and daughters. I wasn’t allowed my grandmother’s famous pasta recipes. I had to say, “No” to other activities so I wouldn’t not miss my long workouts at the gym.

Yes, I was happy for the moment. When I looked at the scale and saw that dream number, but every other hour of the day I was miserable.

Finding your healthiest weight, living your healthiest life (and feeling balanced!) is not settling. It’s LIVING.

And no, it doesn’t mean a “free for all” with overeating or not exercising either. It means balance, health, listening to your body, and eating mindfully. It’s occasionally saying “no” to things, but also balancing those “no’s” with occasional, “yes’s.”

Can you relate to this at all? Have you experienced this game-changer of finding your healthiest weight (instead of shooting for a lower weight number you need to feel deprived 24/7 to maintain)?

Or are you currently struggling with this mindset shift and have trouble giving up that “dream lower weight” on the scale? I struggled with that mindset shift over my 14-year dieting journey before I learned how to truly live my healthiest life, so I know it can feel tough at first. I’d love to hear from you. CONTACT ME and let me know.