Frustrated with Whole30, Plexus, 21-Day Fix, Paleo, Atkins?

Whole30, Plexus? Have you ever decided to speak your mind and be unapologetically you? To say what you mean and not hide your viewpoint?

Maybe you were tired of censoring yourself or playing a part/role in order to fit what you think others want of you?

I’ll explain why I’m bringing this up (it does relate to fitness, I’ll get to that 😉 …
I was recently at a fitness conference and met other fitness pros I network with, in an online business forum. We’ve been following each other’s social media accounts for 2 years. It was great to meet these fitness pros in person.

I was talking to a group of these ladies and we were discussing what we are “known for” as coaches. What is our niche?

When we got to me, one of the women asked, “You want to be known for home workouts, right? Love the pictures you share online of you exercising with your twins.”

It’s true – I do love home workouts and… well… of course I think my twin girls are adorable but, I mentioned I really want to be known for being anti-fad diets and building your own lifestyle that allows all foods in moderation.

I think most diets are total crap and cause us to struggle more!

She was like, “I didn’t know that about you!”

I’m not surprised she didn’t know how much I hate fad diets like Whole30, 21-Day Fix, Plexus, Atkins, Paleo, and more. I barely shared my thoughts on the subject online.

I’ve been censoring myself to please the masses – because many of my social media followers do these diets.

It was a wake up call my blogs, emails, and posts needed to change. I needed to draw a line in the sand, and stop worrying about making everybody happy with my posts.

As readers, we are entitled to our opinions, and as writers, you can’t make everybody happy – and that’s a good thing!

Since returning home from the business conference, my social media posts started changing.

I’ve been more… authentically me!

And it feels good.

I do this to help my clients and followers who are also ready to ditch fad diets too but are unsure of what to do instead.

Honestly, at 38 years old I think I’m finally reaching the point where I’m ready to give up people-pleasing and hiding my beliefs for fear others won’t like what I have to say.

This is still a work in progress, but isn’t there something gratifying about being unapologetically YOU?

Have you gone through this transformation in your life? Where you finally started to be yourself, speak your mind, and let the chips fall? (I’d love to hear if you can relate to this) Is this what happens as we near 40 years old?? 😉


Ironically, after coming home from the conference, I was talking with a client who said her Facebook stream was filled with people selling Plexus. She said her friends make it seem like she’s crazy NOT to be taking it.

This client was asking me about Plexus, but in the same breath, she told me she doesn’t want to rely on any supplement to lose weight. I told her to continue going with her gut feeling. You don’t need Plexus, especially when you are already losing weight in a sustainable and enjoyable way!


The Whole30, 21-Day Fix, Plexus, HCG Diet, body wraps, or any other fad diet or supplement.

I get the allure – I do! I thought I should tell you why I wholeheartedly believe these diets give us quick results but cause us to struggle long term.

None of those diets fix the main issues we usually have… healing our relationship with food and the yo-yo diet cycle. Most important, learning how to fit a (BALANCED) healthy lifestyle in our regular life, which may occasionally include eating pizza, drinking wine, or (God forbid!) sharing a cookie with our kids!

Can certain supplements speed up weight loss? Maybe, but at what expense?

No matter what diet you try, ask yourself, “Can you imagine yourself still being compliant to the rules of that diet or buying the supplements 5 years from now?”


I know “lifestyle change” doesn’t sound as exciting as a new supplement, BUT when you consider the long term benefits from figuring out your forever-fat loss lifestyle, it’s one of the most gratifying journeys you can take.

I hope this serves as a refreshing blog post. For some, it will, for others it won’t (which is fine – I wasn’t ready to hear this when I did those 17 other diets). It took me having a bookshelf full of failed diet books to be fed up and ready for a new way.

But, when you are ready to hear that new way, I’m happy to talk with you. You don’t need to be on “auto-ship” getting expensive supplements through a multi-level marketing company for the rest of your life to get results.

There is another way.

p.s. One other way I’m choosing to be more authentically me going forward is to embrace the fact I’m into mindset coaching and some of my emails and blogs get a little long and in-depth because they are full of tools, insights, and stories. Many people tell me they have a “Barb folder” where they save my emails and blogs for the end of the week to sit down with their favorite beverage and read them when they have time to devote and learn from them.

While most people love my in-depth emails and blog posts, I sometimes get unsubscribes from people saying my posts are too long. Please know you don’t have to read through my emails all at once, but if mindset coaching and in-depth emails aren’t your thing, I totally understand. I used to apologize after these unsubscribes and tried to make my emails more generic, but going forward I’m going to embrace who I am… a deep thinker and writer who is into coaching on the mental part of the fitness journey. I hope you enjoy my future emails and blog posts, and if that’s not your thing, please know it’s ok to be authentically you too, and unsubscribe whenever you’d like. xoxo