Want to Lose Weight and Teach Your Kids Healthy Body Image?

Want to lose weight and teach your kids healthy body image? It’s truly possible! They don’t need to hear us talk about weight loss, calories or how we’re “cheating on our diets.”

A quote I shared on social media this week with a picture of Ashley and me on our “cupcake date.” 😉

As a previous yo-yo dieter and even someone who suffered from eating disorders on all ends of the spectrum, the diet culture was all I knew for many years.

Whether I was 20 lbs less than my current weight or 40 lbs more than my current weight (the weight range I saw over my 14 year dieting journey) my body was never good enough in my mind.

Food was about guilt, and body image was about “perfection,” or fitting into body standards society deemed as “ideal” at the moment (which never seemed attainable).

Eating a cupcake with Ashley? Nope… if I was on my old weight loss diets that wouldn’t be allowed.

I had to make a choice.

Would I have my girls grow up hearing me talk about how many calories I was allowed, or which body parts I thought were “fat” this week? Or would I show them a different way to get and stay healthy?

And how would I even know where to START with reaching my goals? Is it possible to lose weight while setting a healthy example for our kids?



I came to the conclusion life is too short not to go out with your kids and enjoy a special cupcake together.

Because of that, I was willing to find a new way to get healthy.

I did it for my kiddos…. I did it for me.

This is the beauty of the “forever-fit, Anti-Diet Lifestyle” in action. There is no “on plan/off plan.”

There’s just living… Balance… Fun…. Memories.

Our little ones deserve it ❤ There is another way.



Want to know more about how to lose weight in a balanced way and set a good example for your kiddos?

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