On Turning 40! (& My FREE Birthday Workout For YOU!)

Today I turn the big 4-0. It’s amazing to think back to my years growing up, and how turning 40 years old seemed so far away back then. But here it is. I must say that turning 40 years old is not what I expected it to feel like. It’s much more wonderful than I imagined it could be.

Yes, maybe there are a few more aches and pains sometimes ;), but this new point in my life has been more about reflection, gaining confidence, and feeling more empowered about my place in the world, who I am (who I can continue to grow to be), and how I want to live.

I have the same excitement for life and adventure that I did back in my younger years (probably even more so).

I’ve gained wisdom that I didn’t have in my 20’s. And for those of you on my Insider’s email list who have followed my journey in the past year and a half of my “Unapologetically Me” movement, you know it’s been a time of transformation. (I’ve loved hearing your stories along the way as well, btw).

Here’s my Top 10 lessons I’ve learned along the way, as well as wisdom I’m happy to be bringing into my next decade.

And of course, I’m sharing a FREE birthday workout with you, right from my Forever-Fit Warriors membership portal to celebrate. Grab your workout at the bottom of this message.


MY TOP 10 Amazing Life Lessons at 40 Years Old

  • 1) I have SO much more wisdom and confidence than I had in my 20’s and early 30’s.


  • 2) I’ve learned to start embracing the things about myself I used to want to change.


  • ​​​​​​​3) I’ve learned it’s ALWAYS worth it to put down my work to take a break and give hugs to my family.


  • 4) Patience, forgiveness, smiles, and love go a long way.


  • 5) If I’m listening to someone, but I’m only thinking about what I want to say next, try and listen better.


  • 6) “You get more bees with honey instead of vinegar.” My mom used to say this, and it’s so true. Kindness gets us far, and it is often contagious to those around us.


  • 7) I’ve learned a healthy diet can include occasional sweets and other foods I used to ban. #NoBannedFoods Weight Loss Lifestyle and food freedom (hooray!)


  • 8) I’ve learned nothing beats hugs and love from my family (we love having ‘group hugs’ in our house). ❤️.


  • 9) I’ve learned I don’t need to “HATE” my body to thinness anymore (that never worked long term). Fitness and good health can be balanced, positive, and fun. Not a punishment for “falling off the wagon.” (there is no “wagon” to fall off of anymore).


  • 10) I’ve learned to embrace my inner science nerd, get a telescope, study astronomy/cosmology, learn more about my creator, and discover the universe.


Looking forward to what’s to come in this decade.

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