Total Eclipse Pics, Science and Weight Loss

This past Monday was a day I had been waiting for all year… the total solar eclipse! I love how so many of us around the country got to enjoy it together since it crossed the continental United States.

For those who know me, you know I love science and astronomy. To say I had planned ahead would be an understatement. I purchased my eclipse glasses back in February, and had a solar filter for my telescope, and traveled over 8 hours to the path of totality to watch the event with friends.

I got some super cool pics from my telescope, by the way… (you’ll see those at the end of this blog post).



​​​​​​​On Monday we all shared this huge event, which was predicted ahead of time (down to the second!) by tools of science!

Science is truly amazing in that way. It’s about facts, truth… and good science is about peer-reviewed data.

Peer-reviewed data is when scientists review each other’s work to confirm they all got to the same conclusion. This is very important aspect to science.



Unfortunately, the billion dollar diet industry often does NOT often rely on verified science. This especially true when they are selling us diet books, exercise gadgets, or the latest cleanses, detoxes and potions.

Yes, they may try to tell us their product is effective by sharing data from a single-study to back up claims their weight loss products work, but these are often not verified by peer review. These are often the worst because not only is it possible for them to be ineffective, they may be unsafe as well.

​​​​​​​This can make those of us just trying to lose weight and get healthy VERY confused about what we should be doing to reach our goals.



My tip today is to be skeptical! Just because someone told you about a Netflix documentary about juicing or you heard a friend tell you they lost weight on a certain diet or supplement, don’t assume that’s the best way to lose weight.



It may not be as exciting as the latest cleanse, but the science-backed way to lose weight doesn’t have to be as restrictive and full of deprivation as the methods above.

  • 1) You need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight.
  • 2) Studies show making our nutrition and exercise flexible enough to fit our lifestyle works best for long term results.
  • 3) Banning foods typically leads to binge-eating for the majority of dieters.

In a nutshell, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Complete diet overhauls usually end in failure. Make consistent healthy changes (even one change at a time until it becomes a habit!) before adding a new habit to work on. Stay the course! And remember, slip ups happen to all of us when we first change our lifestyle. Don’t be allured by the latest fad diet to speed up results.



Have any good pictures from the eclipse or a story to share about your experience at the event? CONTACT ME and let me know.

​​​​​​​Science rules 🙂

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