Tone and Strengthen Your Core and Upper Body

Here’s a great exercise to tone and strengthen your core and upper body. This exercise is a variation of the plank pose. No exercise equipment required. Just use your own bodyweight.

I love core exercises. My reasons for loving them may not by why most people love to work their core. For many, they do sit-ups and planks in an effort to burn body fat off their midsection and reveal a 4-pack or 6-pack.

Before posting core exercises online, I often like to reiterate something that many of my followers already know…. you can’t spot reduce any parts of your body – midsection included. The way to reveal nice, sleek abs is actually by burning body fat off and revealing the muscle underneath. This is typically done by creating a calorie deficit in your diet, eating healthy foods, and incorporating lots of total body movements to really raise your heart rate and aid in boosting your metabolism and burning off body fat.

However, as you burn off the body fat, having the nice toned abs start to peek out is so rewarding.

Besides aesthetics, other benefits of core workouts include

  • Less back pain
  • Improved posture
  • Better performance in sports or other physical activities
  • Improved balance and stability


Plank with Shoulder Taps


1) Get in high plank/push-up position. Draw belly button to spine and squeeze butt muscles to brace core.

2) Balance on one hand and tap the opposite shoulder with the other hand.
3) Repeat quickly with the other hand (and opposite) shoulder.

4) Repeat for desired reps – about 10 to 20 times.

Expert tip: Keep your core braced throughout the movement and minimize your hips from rotating during the movement. That will work your core even more!

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