THIS Will Shape Up Your Body More Than Anything (plus 7 free workouts!)

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can shape up a woman’s figure faster or better than bodybuilding with weights.

Not swimming, dancing, running, cycling, aerobics, tennis, squash, athletics, hiking…nothing does it like weights.

I have no axe to grind. I do not have a vested interest in weights. I do not sell them. They are, after all, mere lumps of iron.

I would be just as happy telling you that jogging would shape you up, or that the way to a super body was through free standing exercises, aerobics or cheerleading even, but I would not be telling the truth.
Weight training is the answer.” – Vince Gironda

I ran into this quote online recently and it stuck with me this week.

It’s a good reminder! Mr. Gironda is speaking of women in this quote, but the same applies to men as well.

Now, (quick disclaimer) if you love running, walking, cycling, etc. you do NOT need to stop those activities. They still have great health benefits, and can help you lose weight as well. If you enjoy them, the MOST important thing is to find an exercise you enjoy enough to do consistently.


Consistency and enjoyment is where the magic happens when it comes to your workouts.


BUUUTT… if you’ve been doing cardio only for a while and are struggling or frustrated because you aren’t seeing the “toned look” or body shaping you’ve been striving for, it may be time to incorporate a little strength training for a minimum of at least 2 times per week (more is better!).



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