Do You Have a Strong Core? (If Not, Do This!)

I remember when I began my fitness journey (before becoming a personal trainer) and I joined a local gym. I started taking a core strengthening group fitness class.

The class was 1 hour long, and we did planks, sit-ups and more. I heard having a strong core was important, but the 1 hour classes did NOT fit into my lifestyle.

I could stick with the classes for a while, but over time I would miss them. Just the thought of having to drive to the gym, stay for class, and then drive back home made it easy to make excuses and miss classes. It took too much time.

And seriously, as a mom of young twin daughters – I was juggling a lot, and didn’t have the time to waste on long workouts that were super tough to build into my busy life!

NOW, as a certified personal trainer, I look back and know that multiple 1-hour core classes were not even necessary to get results (can you say overtraining anyone???).

More than that, the time commitment required to take those classes were not necessary to effectively strengthen my core!



Getting results is all about consistency and effective exercises. Core workouts are one of the top workouts we often get wrong (and it’s not our fault).

The diet and fitness industry makes it super confusing, and often promotes a lot of false information about getting a strong core.


Exercise the Correct Muscles

Did you know our core is not only our abdominal muscles (which there are multiple different ab muscles, by the way), but also our back muscles, hips, glutes?

In fact, only training our abdominal (front muscles) can often lead to muscles imbalances, and can set us up for problems in the future.


Don’t Overtrain

We don’t need 1-hour core workouts to get results either. Consistency and choosing effective exercises make all the difference.


Having a strong core is so important. Some of the benefits of core workouts include:

  • Less back pain
  • Improved posture
  • Better performance in sports and other physical activities
  • Less chance of injury
  • Improved balance and stability

With that in mind, I’m opening up an opportunity to join me for #10minStrongCore in August!

Each month my Forever-Fit Warrior clients and I have a focus.

This month our focus is “10-min Strong Core.”

What if you learned efficient and effective exercises you could do at home to strengthen your core? We’ll be covering that this month.

Some of what we’ll be doing in Forever-Fit Warriors for our #10minStrongCore focus in August…

  • My signature at-home, 10-minute core workouts to strengthen and build your entire core.


  • Live online workouts and coaching sessions with me. We’ll be exercising together and educating you on how to workout most effectively in little time.


  • Work on mindset blocks that may be preventing you from exercising consistently right now.


  • Get personalized support with your nutrition program, including my signature #NoBannedFoods weight loss program. Lose weight without feeling deprived.


  • I’ll be providing additional short, effective home workouts you can do at home in 10-20 minutes. This also comes with a workout calendar for August.



If you’re already a Forever-Fit Warriors member, then you are all set and you’re in #10minStrongCore next month!

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