Do You Still Battle To Control Tempting Foods?

A request to write on this topic came in from a Barb’s Fit For Life blog reader. Thanks for the request! If you ever have a topic you’d like me to cover in my blogs, don’t hesitate to CONTACT me (by filling out the form) and let me know.


Do you still battle to control tempting foods?

Have you struggled around sweets or other “junk foods?”

Do you tend to turn to these foods when you are stressed and feel out of control when this happens?


The reader who requested this topic said she struggles with all of these things, and I know she’s not alone.

Many new clients I’ve talked to come to me saying they struggle with the same issues.




There are 3 steps I teach (and use myself!) to help when we feel out of control around tempting foods.


STEP 1) I = Investigate

To start feeling in control of our tempting foods, we need to become a diet detective first. This is where food journaling helps!

No, I’m not talking about using My Fitness Pal to count calories and hit nutrition targets. Instead, food journal for 7 days (including weekends) with no judgement about your eating or expectations about being “good” or “bad.”

Start to pay attention to HOW, WHEN, and WHERE you struggle around these tempting foods. Write down all the details. We are going to start to look for patterns as to when this occurs.


STEP 2) B = Build Your Healthy Base! (#PVWs)

Begin to build your base of healthy nutrition so you can live your day-to-day life with less hunger or urges to overeat. To do this, look back at your food journal and start to count how often you are having your #PVWs (protein, veggies, and drinking your water quota).

  • Protein: Are you having lean protein at least 3 times per day?
  • Veggies: Are you eating vegetables (especially low-starch veggies) with at least 3 meals or snacks?
  • Water: Are you drinking a minimum of 80 oz of water?

If not, this is the place to start.

This will help build your base of healthy nutrition. These are the foods that help keep us have less hunger and get healthy.

How do #PVWs Help? Here’s some examples…

  • If we look back at our food journal, we may find we felt out of control around tempting foods because we didn’t eat frequently enough and our blood sugar dropped too low. If that’s the case perhaps adding more protein throughout the day will help.


  • Or we find we haven’t been drinking enough water. If that’s the case, perhaps we are simply thirsty and dehydrated. This will make us feel hungrier and more tempted around treats throughout the day.


  • Maybe we find we are simply hungry and we need more fiber and volume with our meals. This is where adding more vegetables will help!


STEP 3) B = Build Satisfaction

Building satisfaction is where the magic really happens. When we feel more satisfied with our daily diet, we can feel more in control when around our food temptations.

Think about it. When do we typically crave the most foods? When we are on a strict diet where we aren’t allowed to have those foods.

How satisfied do you feel with your eating each day? If you feel deprived, you’ll be more likely to overeat when around temptations.

Add “Built-InTreats”

Built-in Treats are foods I strategically add into my daily diet to keep me satisfied. Built-in treats may be foods like dark chocolate, a few Hershey’s Kisses after dinner, light popcorn, baked chips or other treats. These treats typically aren’t as high calorie as other snack choices, but these treats built into our daily diets on a regular basis help take the edge off and keep us feeling satisfied.



One final tip for you… have patience with yourself as you practice these strategies. It will take time to create these habits, so keep at it. The payoff will be worth it.

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