Perfectly Imperfect for Lasting Weight Loss Success

Did you know that you are perfectly imperfect?

You are.

We all are!

Today we’re covering the mindset shift we can start to adopt that will set us up for health and weight loss success that lasts.

Many of us who are yo-yo dieters in our pasts typically have some perfectionist thinking that spills over into multiple areas of our lives.

We often set high standards for ourselves. We typically think in all-or-nothing (black & white) terms.

In addition, we often feel like we must get things right the first time or we have failed.

I share this with much experience as I often label myself a “recovering perfectionist.” 😉

I want today’s message to be a reminder for you… nobody is perfect.

Sometimes we don’t complete every workout we hoped to do.

We may not always feel “on track” with our eating.


Some words of wisdom for you today…

Stick with it.

If you catch yourself falling into the #PerfectionistTrap with your eating or health goals ask yourself what advice you would give your child or a loved one who is learning something new. Typically we would show them a little more grace and patience if they slip up. We deserve to treat ourselves the same way.

Have a great week!