Overindulged? It happens! How to Get Back on Track Sustainably

Ever wake up feeling like you overindulged too much food-wise? This blog post is a bit of a #RealLife blog post for you all.

This is also a post about MINDSET, and how my mindset about fitness and nutrition has evolved over my 14 year weight loss journey.

My family, from out of town, stayed with us this past week. It was a blast! Especially with all the kiddos. A full week of fun, with kids ranging from 3 years old to 10 years old. We also had extra grown-ups in the house too, which meant food was not our regular meal plan, and we were cooking to accommodate multiple tastes.

I woke up this past Monday morning with my clothes tighter than normal, and like I overindulged a bit too much. If I look back at my week, there was less movement than normal, we celebrated birthdays (yum – cake), and had many more kid-friendly meals, which were higher calorie content than normal for me.

And you know what? The occasional overindulgence and enjoying yourself while on vacation….  IS ALL OK!


For a split second on Monday morning I reverted back into my old yo-yo dieter mindset (she sneaks in sometimes ?), and thought about getting on the scale to see the “damage,” doubling workouts, slashing calories way lower than normal, and getting back on My Fitness Pal with dread.

But then I came back to my new “forever-fit” mindset. That yo-yo diet mindset always ended in failure for me. Too much restriction gets me in that all-or-nothing, binge-deprive cycle.

Instead I said, “It’s ok! I know what to do… in a BALANCED WAY.” #TeamNoGuilt ?


So, I’ll just get back to what I was doing.


What Do I Do To Get Back On Track Sustainably?

5 Action Steps:

  • 1) MOVE: Minimum of 3 days of movement (exercise) this week. Start with what you enjoy! I aim to get at least 3-5 days of movement per week on a regular basis.


  • 2) PVWs: Adding my PVWs with more purpose (protein, veggies and water).


  • 3) MINDFULNESS: Be mindful of portions on my plate (fill 1/2 my plate with non-starchy veggies).


  • 4) OPTIONAL MY FITNESS PAL: Use My Fitness Pal in my sustainable way. What that means is I don’t need to be on there every single day (if that feels unsustainable to me), but just the act of logging what I’m eating occasionally throughout the week helps me control portions and be more mindful at meal time.


  • 5) DON’T DWELL ON IT: and move on!


Weeks like that happen for ALL OF US!

That’s real life!

I don’t regret a bit!

I’d rather enjoy some cake and make memories with everyone than stay in diet mode all last week.

The weight will come off with balanced, healthy habits.

We don’t need extremes.

If you had a period of time you feel like you overindulged recently, I encourage you to do the same thing with me this week!

Plan some movement you enjoy today. Start to adopt and practice the #TeamNoGuilt mindset.


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