No-Guilt, After-Thanksgiving, Fat Burning Workout

In today’s blog I’m sharing a free post-Thanksgiving, fat burning workout with you! But first, if you are in the United States, I wanted to wish you a happy (belated) Thanksgiving.

During a time of year where we are counting our blessings, I do want to take a minute to tell you THANK YOU for being here, reading my blog! Whether we’ve just recently been introduced, or you’ve been a Barb’s Fit For Life follower for a while, I appreciate you taking the time to connect with me so I can share a little about exercise, nutrition, and most of all…. the forever-fit, #NoBannedFoods, #antidiet lifestyle!

This is NOT one of those post-Thanksgiving workouts many other weight-loss coaches give their clients to try and “erase” any overindulging they did on Thanksgiving. (ugh… that ‘guilt-mindset’ when it comes to weight loss and holiday-eating is the worst!)


Slight rant here, but nothing drives me more crazy than weight loss coaches who try and put their clients on guilt-trips if they eat chocolate, overindulge on the occasional meal, enjoy a glass of vino, eat chocolate (ok, yes I mentioned chocolate twice, but seriously… chocolate is amazing and your weight loss coach would be awful if they said you could never eat chocolate again! ;).


We can’t “food-shame” ourselves into diet compliance.

I know the fitness industry likes to make us think it works best that way… but they are wrong (side note… this is why the majority of traditional dieters gain back all the weight they lost within 3 years after their diet ends, sometimes even sooner).

Research shows the old ways of dieting don’t work long term.


Why? Because staying fit for life is about BALANCE and CONSISTENCY….  NOT perfection.


And remember, balance and #NoBannedFoods weight loss, is NOT about eating junk food all the time either (a common misconception).


The forever-fit, #antidiet lifestyle is about good health, building your healthy base with mostly whole/healthy foods. Then sprinkle in satisfaction to make it livable long term.


It’s a win-win!

So, while you may be surrounded by yummy leftovers and visiting family this Thanksgiving weekend, remember to ENJOY the time with your loved ones.

I mean, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about anyway, right? (not obsessing about calories, carbs or trying to avoid eating Grandma’s famous apple pie).

When it comes to eating during the holidays…. focus on balance, building your healthy base when possible (you know, those #PVWs I’ve written about the last few months (protein, veggies, adequate water consumption). BUT… also sprinkling in that satisfaction, which may come in the form of a little dessert, stuffing/dressing, etc!

Many of you may be new to the concept of using this #NoBannedFoods/forever-fit lifestyle to lose weight (or you may feel uneasy about allowing those foods, because it feels like a ‘slippery slope’ to more overeating if you allow certain treats or trigger foods).

This is a normal fear to have, especially if you have done many traditional diets in your past. If you EVER have questions about the forever-fit lifestyle and how to handle those fears about eating without going overboard, don’t hesitate to respond to any of these emails. I read every response and would love to help you out.



Thanks for letting me rant a bit on the craziness I see in the fitness world around the holidays. Here’s your post-Thanksgiving workout you can do anytime this weekend!
It only takes 20 minutes and you can do this workout at home with an inexpensive set of dumbbells, or even 2 cans of soup, if you don’t have dumbbells.

To perform this workout, set a timer for 20-minutes. Do each move back-to-back for 12 repetitions. Rest when needed in between exercises.
  • 1) Lunge to Overhead Press – 12 times
  • 2) 1-Arm Row in Lunge Position – 12 times each arm
  • 3) Standing Overhead Triceps Extension – 12 times
  • 4) Jumping Jacks – 12 times (you may jog in place if you can’t do jumping jacks)

Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy your weekend!

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