New Yoga Warm-up: Improve Flexibility

Here’s a new yoga warm-up that’s great for improving flexibility and mobility in general.

I love yoga, and I love using a yoga warm-up to prepare for exercise. Yoga moves are great because no matter what limitations we may have, yoga is forgiving enough to enable anyone to participate no matter the fitness level. We only push ourselves as far as our bodies can go for each movement.

I LOVE this yoga warm-up because you can use it before workouts. You can also any day you’d like to work on flexibility and get your body moving.

I do this very warm-up almost daily and I’ve seen huge improvement in my mobility and flexibility. This is also a featured as one of the warm-ups on my Forever-Fit Warriors membership portal.

Follow the instructions on the video, be sure to listen to your body, and only push yourself as far as it’s able to comfortably go on each of the movements.

Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy!