New! Insider’s Facebook Group (with link to join!)

I have exciting news! I’m going to be starting a new (free) Facebook group for all of you Barb’s Fit For Life blog followers!

The link to join our free group is HERE.

What can you expect in our new Facebook group?

Our “Barb’s Fit For Life Insider’s Community” Facebook group will be a supportive place for people looking to achieve good health without fad diets or extreme exercise methods.

We’ll be talking about…

  • Healthy living, without extreme methods
  • Exercise and fitness you enjoy
  • Science-based health & fitness
  • #NoBannedFoods
  • Breaking free from binge eating
  • Body confidence & body positivity
  • Healthy and balanced weight loss
  • Giving up cleanses, crash dieting, detoxes, fads for a “forever” approach to fitness

Why am I starting this new Facebook community?

1) To Have a Large Support Group Online For People Looking For Health Tips Without Fad Diets

One reason I’m starting this group is have a place where you can go on social media to connect with each other, in addition to reading these blog posts. You’ll be able to see others work on health goals, as well as get peer support without the fad diets we often see on other “healthy living” social media pages.


2) To Have A Place Where You Will No Longer Miss My Social Media Posts

Facebook has rolled out new algorithms, and for many small businesses it’s limited the visibility of our regular social media business pages. Quite frankly, to have your social media posts seen on your business page (as a smaller business), you now must pay Facebook to get posts boosted and shown to your followers.

By having a Facebook group, I’ll be able to share Barb’s Fit For Life social media posts, blogs, and more with you in the group. You won’t be missing my posts as often due to these new Facebook algorithms.

Again, the link to join our new Insider’s Facebook group is HERE.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

See you in the group!