Need More Self-Discipline On Your Diet?

Feel like you need more self-discipline to stay on track?

Today I want to write about a recent Facebook Live coaching session we had in my online coaching group this week.

The topics of the live online coaching session: SELF-DISCIPLINE & GUILT (huge topics, right?).

Specifically, we were discussing if you’ve ever felt you would be more successful with your weight loss if you could just make yourself have more SELF-DISCIPLINE.

We also discussed the guilt we place on ourselves when we feel like we can’t be everything to everybody. This self-imposed guilt may relate to our personal life, professional life, and especially our diet and exercise plan.


We often feel like we WANT to get in shape or lose weight, but our self-discipline is the one thing missing to make those goals a reality. We want to cook healthy food, exercise, or log on My Fitness Pal, but with all our other responsibilities, sometimes these new habits become the one thing that puts us over the edge. It can be difficult to keep up these healthy habits when we’re already trying to juggle so much in our lives.

Furthermore, we are bombarded with images in the media and online showing us the “ideal body” or workout plan we think we should be doing, but have never been able to keep up long term.

We often feel guilty we don’t measure up to certain standards we see shared online. We may even feel guilt when we hear a friend tell us about some new diet and exercise plan they just started, and how they think we should start their new program with them too.

In our live coaching session in Forever-Fit Warriors this week, we discussed how this self-imposed guilt often has the OPPOSITE effect. It doesn’t help us stay in compliance. It causes us to struggle more.

It’s ironic because we adopt these thought patterns in hopes if we’re hard on ourselves it will make us “reign it in” more and comply to our programs. It’s amazing how it actually has the opposite effect.

So, what do we do instead?


The truth is you can’t be your best YOU if you beat yourself up and tear yourself down all the time. We want guilt to force us into compliance, but that strategy never works long term.

We can’t hate ourselves to weight loss and good health.

In fact, the opposite is true.

When we show ourselves a little grace, patience and self-compassion while we master our new healthy habits, we set ourselves up for long term success.

For that reason, I’ve been starting a new movement this week called #TeamNoGuilt. I hope you join me in this mindset shift.

Oh, and one more thing….


You are enough. I know we worry if we give ourselves too much grace, self-compassion, and are patience with our progress we may never reach our goals.

But the truth is when we look at diets and fitness differently, through a forever-fit mindset (instead of a yo-yo dieter mindset), we start to see the freedom and LASTING WEIGHT LOSS that’s truly possible for us.

How do we do this?

Start where you are. Instead of feeling guilty that you can’t do the multiple diet rules on some fad diet that you know doesn’t have a good chance of lasting past April, start by changing ONE habit at a time.

With the forever-fit mindset, there is no “on the wagon,” “off the wagon.” In fact, you are always “on,” but there is no wagon you can fall off of anymore. Instead, being “on” is just called REAL LIFE (with the busy-ness, occasional cake, not a lot of time to workout, etc).

We make it work for where we are RIGHT NOW.

Because our lives are never perfect. We have to learn to go with the flow.

My T.R.Y. Method is a strategy I used to help myself and currently use with my clients as we work on losing weight the forever-fit way.


T: Trust the process
R: Race (recognize it is not a race)
Y: YOU… make your journey about YOU!

Next time you feel like you’re getting off track with your weight loss goals, check in with yourself and see if you’re following the “TRY Method” or falling into the old yo-yo dieter mindset.

It’s a process, and just like everything worthwhile…. it takes practice! But the payoff will be so worth it! ​​​​​​​