Need A Body Image Makeover? 4 Tools To Get Started!

Do you find ever yourself feeling like you need a body image makeover? Do you catch yourself grabbing at parts on your body and wishing they would shrink or not be as “flabby?” Or do you find yourself talking negatively about your body to yourself or others? Do you feel like you are constantly in the struggle of trying to lose weight, falling off track, and then blaming yourself? You may say you are “fat, lazy, or lacking willpower?”

Could a body-image makeover solve your weight loss struggles for good? 

A couple of weeks ago I shared a blog with you about my diet struggles during and after my last hard-core weight loss diet. The diet I wrote about was my fitness competition diet in 2012. It was THAT last deprivation diet (which I could not stick to long term without rebound weight gain) which finally propelled me to change my views on dieting, rebrand my entire coaching business, and become the “anti-diet weight loss coach” I am today.

Thank you to those of you who responded with feedback about that blog post. It was a bit vulnerable to share, and it means to much to hear the positive feedback from you all – so thank you! If you missed that blog post, you can read a copy of it HERE.

One current theme in the responses I received was that you appreciated the vulnerability of that email, and knowing that someone (who is a fitness professional) didn’t always “have it all together” was helpful when thinking of your own weight loss journey.

Recently, I was reflecting on other lessons I learned during that time, and other positive steps I took to quit the negative mindset traps that I thought were HELPING my weight loss. In reality some of my daily behaviors I thought were helping me lose weight were actually SABOTAGING my weight loss long term.

One of those was changing my body image.

Here’s a sampling of how I lived during my hard-core dieting years. Have you done any of these things?



I was always on Instagram and Facebook looking at fitness competitors and celebrities who had bodies I aspired to look like. I followed these people because I thought that would motivate me to stick to my program. However, I noticed I fell into the #comparisontrap and would sometimes feel WORSE about myself after checking these social media profiles. Was it helping or hurting me to be following these social media accounts for “motivation”? I wasn’t sure.



I weighed myself on the scale each morning to see if I gained or lost weight from the day before. In addition, I would often critique my body in the mirror. I’d grab any rolls of fat I saw or examine my “problem areas.” Were they shrinking? Again, I did this to try and motivate myself to be compliant. My mood for the day depended on what the scale said each morning or how I thought my body looked. If the number was down I was happy. If the number on the scale was up, I’d start the day feeling down and would even eat “bad food” out of frustration for my slow progress.



During this time of my life, I would continue to do long workouts multiple days in a row and would not give myself proper time to rest in between workouts, or even recover from injuries. I did this for fear I would regain weight if I stopped exercising. In addition, I would also try and ignore signals my body gave me to eat when I was hungry. I especially would do this if I was striving to meet certain calorie or nutrition targets.



I kept clothes from my “skinny times” in my closet to motivate me to stay compliant to my program, in hopes I could wear those clothes again one day. If I gained weight I would not try to buy clothes that really fit me because I felt that was giving in and I would not be compliant to my weight loss program.

Again, we often do these thing with GOOD intentions.. to motivate us to stay disciplined and stick to our programs when we worry we’ll fall off track or lose motivation.

What I’ve found with both myself (and others I coached) is these actions actually hurt our body image, and cause us to struggle to maintain our health and weight loss long term.



What if you started looking in the mirror and tried APPRECIATING what you saw, instead of trying to “hate” yourself into diet compliance? Total mindset shift here, I know!


Here’s some tips for you to try today…

Some of these strategies may be huge changes you won’t be an expert being able to do at overnight. Start small and remember to practice self compassion along the way as you try these new healthy habits.

Caring for yourself starts with learning to practice a little self-care.

And this self-care begins from the INSIDE-OUT!

Because the truth is, not matter what the scale may say this morning, we don’t have to let that number define who we are.

You are strong. You are beautiful. There is no such thing as the “perfect body.” Yes, we can still strive for good health, but being healthy inside-out begins with our mindset.

My first tip, which is fast and easy, is to go through your social media accounts and UNFOLLOW any profiles which make you feel like you start falling into the #comparisontrap with your body image.

If you try and of these techniques or can relate to this blog, please contact me and let me know! You’ve probably figured out by now that I love hearing from you. I read every email response I receive. Please feel free to let me know how you’re doing on your own weight loss journey anytime!

Have a great week!