This Mindset Shift Will Make You Lose More Weight

Our mindset determines our results, and this mindset shift will make you lose more weight.

What is mindset? It’s our set of ideas or attitudes that shape the way we think about ourselves in the world. It’s how we approach situations we encounter in daily life.

When it comes to losing weight or reaching health goals, mindset is also what often derails us. But it may not be for the reasons you think.

We often think our struggles with weight loss and fitness come from “being lazy, not motivated, not having enough willpower, being a sugar addict, or not liking healthy food.”

After years of teaching clients how to break the yo-yo diet cycle and find a healthy and balanced way to exercise and eat forever, I’ve found those struggles listed above were not actually the problem.

It’s that we spend too much time on restrictive diets. To reach your health goals in a sustainable way while setting a healthy example for our little ones… focus on ADDING foods, not BANNING foods. ?


My daughter Ashley and me. We don’t ban any foods in our house, but focus on adding healthy ones. This has helped my family eat healthier! In addition, I can now eat the same meals as them and reach my goals too!


To give a quick example of how adding not banning foods helps us eat healthier, I’ll share my Diet Dr. Pepper story.

​​​​​​​I used to say I was addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper. And it was true that when I would allow myself to have it I would only drink that (and not even drink water!) all day. People have told me similar stories with “addictions to Diet Coke.”

I used to go through periods when I felt my diet soda “addiction” was out of control. When that happened, I would say I was “detoxing” from diet soda. I would ban any diet soda from my diet and only allow water or water with fruit in it.

Unfortunately, this never worked long term. I would only drink water for a while, but over time I would splurge on soda and soon feel out of control again.

Then one day I thought, “I won’t ban diet soda anymore. Instead, I’ll just ADD more water.” Over time that mindset shift made me not feel deprived. I started to build my water habit and soon (without suffering or even feel like I was trying) I was drinking water all day and only enjoying the occasional diet soda when I was really craving it.

This is the abundance mindset in action, and the basis of what I’ll be teaching my Forever-Fit Warrior gals next month!



Each month my Forever-Fit Warrior clients and I have a focus.

This month our focus is the #PVWsuccess (adding foods, not banning foods)

What if healthy eating could become more automatic for you and not such a struggle? We’ll be covering that this month.


Some of what we’ll be doing in Forever-Fit Warriors for our nutrition focus in July:

  • Live online workouts and coaching sessions with me on how to build nutrition strategies that last for life.


  • Work on mindset blocks that may be preventing you from eating healthy, consistently right now.


  • PVW Education: Learn why focusing on adding your “PVWs” (protein, veggies, water) and building the habit to add those foods to your regular diet can provide lasting weight loss and good health for years to come.


  • Get personalized support with your nutrition program, including my signature #NoBannedFoods weight loss program. Lose weight without feeling deprived.


  • I’ll be providing short, effective home workouts you can do at home in 10-20 minutes. This also comes with a workout calendar for July.



If you aren’t already a Forever-Fit Warriors member, join our supportive coaching community as we teach sustainable nutrition strategies next month.

I’ll even offer you a chance to see what we’re about with our 2-week free trial. Get all the details HERE.


p.s. As a reminder, if you aren’t already a Forever-Fit Warrior, join us for nutrition focus for FREE right now. Details on the free trial HERE.