It’s Not Your Fault You Haven’t Lost Weight (Read This)

Today I want you to read this blog post and get fired up. I want you to get mad. Why? Because diet failure is NOT your fault.

I want you to get mad at who’s actually to blame for any struggles you may have had losing weight. Let me make something clear up front, though.

I do NOT want you to get mad at yourself.

Diet Failure is Not Your Fault.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, I want to make it clear that “diet failure” is NOT because you lack willpower. It’s also not because you are lazy or that you need to be more self-disciplined. It’s not because you are “not good enough.” Furthermore, diet failure does not occur because you are fat, disgusting, weak, or a bad person. In addition, if you’ve struggled losing weight it’s not because you are a food, sugar, or carb addict.

I know these terms I mention above well. I’ve used many of these words myself over the course of my 14-year weight loss journey. These are also terms I’ve heard new clients say about themselves when they first start weight loss coaching with me. Luckily they learn over time we don’t use those words in our program. 😉

I know it’s sometimes hard to give up using these terms, or believe they are not true.

It may seem shocking to hear it isn’t your fault you haven’t lost weight, or that lack of willpower isn’t the problem.

You may be reading this blog post and not believe me. You may even want to stop reading further posts from me, although I hope you stay because that means you are open to something different. The difference I’m talking about is a mindset shift from the standard, ineffective weight loss diets we see so often.

I’ll tell you up front I’m never going to be giving you tips on how to force yourself eat bland, grilled chicken when you don’t like it, or shame yourself into diet compliance.

Today I want to chip away at these negative thoughts, start to prove why they are NOT the reason you are struggling. My goal with this message is to begin to set you on a path to weight loss and good health that lasts.


​​​​​​​Many of us have heard the latest numbers, that over 95% of diets end in failure. The latest figures I’ve found here, state that the weight loss industry in America makes about $20 billion each year selling us weight loss products.

Yet, only 5% of those on diets are successful long term.

An analogy for you… Can you image if you purchased a car or T.V. that you found only worked 5% of the time? Would you blame yourself, as the operator of the car or T.V. for the failure?

No, most of us would blame the manufacturer for the problem, and say the product didn’t work.

Yet, when we fail diets, we blame ourselves. Worse, we even believe the diet industry when they tell us it’s OUR fault because we don’t have enough willpower to stick to their diet rules.

It honestly makes me sad to think about the times I used to be so hard on myself for “failing” yet another diet. It makes me sad when I see others blame themselves for struggling to lose weight with programs designed with only a 5% success rate.

The truth is it’s not our fault

I hope today’s blog post gets you looking at things a little differently. I’m going to spending future posts educating you on nutrition and workout strategies that DO work for the long haul. Let’s get you off the yo-yo diet cycle for good.