It’s Not Me, It’s You (the best diet)

Years ago I was on what I called, “the best diet.” I lost a lot of weight on it. It was low carb, high protein, had tons of low carb veggies (no fruit allowed), and meals and snacks were timed and precisely eaten at certain intervals of the day.

I knew when I was on this “best diet” I was leaning down. The scale and my clothes were looser. I felt like I found the holy grail when it came to nutrition. After years of failed diets, my time of searching for the “perfect diet” that worked had finally come.


This diet only had ONE problem. The first time I was on this diet I only lasted 3 months before I fell off track and started cheating on it. This resulted in me gaining all the weight back, plus an additional 10 lbs I did not have prior to starting the diet!


After veering off track for a while, I vowed to “get back to basics” and get back on the diet.

Second time I tried the diet I only lasted about a month before my “cheating” began again.

Once again I gained back the weight I lost, plus some.

Third time I lasted about a week before I fell off track – binging on the next weekend.

I felt like I couldn’t stay on this diet no matter how hard I tried.

I was frustrated with myself – “I must be weak. I’m a sugar addict. I’m lazy.”


Can you relate to this story?


Do you have a past diet you got amazing results on, but you couldn’t stay “on” it long term no matter how hard you tried?

It wasn’t until years later, when I got into behavioral and wellness coaching that I realized what was really going on.

This “perfect diet” was NOT the perfect diet for ME!

I finally figured out that it was the diet that did not fit my lifestyle or my personality.

This diet never really “worked” for me at all! I realize it’s a total mindset shift to think this way about weight loss. It took me a while to wrap my head around this shift in thinking.

It was shortly after that I gave up trying to fit the mold of certain diets and began creating my own effective (long term) diet.

This is what I call my Forever-Fit lifestyle.

The Forever-Fit lifestyle is different for everyone.

I won’t go into the specifics of how I eat in today’s message. If you’d like to read how I created my own forever-fit diet, and learn strategies to help you build your own perfect diet, I’ve written multiple blogs on the topic. Two of my favorite are: What Hair Coloring Taught Me About Meal Plans, and A Day In My Diet.


Instead, my purpose of this message is to tell you if you are struggling to stay on track with your diet, it’s probably not YOU – it’s the diet.


Your best diet is out there. You’ll know you’ve found it when you not only lose weight, but (most important), you find that it fits your lifestyle so well that you can keep the weight off for good!