How To Lose That Lower Belly Pooch?

After having my twin girls I had that lower belly “pooch” — my post-pregnancy jiggly stomach, especially my lower abs. I was so happy to be a mom, and even happy I was trimming down after my pregnancy (it took a full 18 months to lose all my baby weight), but even almost a year after my girls were born.. I still had that new jiggly “pooch.”

I could hide it well with t-shirts and pants with an elastic waist. I even continued wearing some of my smaller maternity pants. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t losing there, even though I was working on it. And I felt desperate to lose it, especially because I was doing rather well losing weight in other areas.

I started doing workout DVDs that targeted my abs. I did them during my girls’ naps (almost daily!). But, nope… no change (I did finally make progress after that, but only after I changed my strategy… more on that later!).




One of the top struggles people contact me about is firming their midsection. Whether it’s a “pooch” they don’t like or just trying to reduce belly fat, midsections are a struggle for many.



After my pregnancy, what I didn’t realize was that I was falling into the “ab-trap,” and trying to get rid of my “pooch” using many of the 5 biggest ab-training myths. Are you guilty of believing any of theses myths like I was?


MYTH 1: Doing ab exercises burns off lower belly fat (i.e. you can spot reduce)

  • This was my #1 mistake. I did sit-ups and planks daily in an effort to burn away my fat on my midsection. This myth comes from the idea that you can spot reduce, and if you exercise your abs, alone (if you do a lot of crunches or planks) you can target any jiggly parts… love handles…  muffin tops, etc and make them shrink. In reality abdominal exercises may build the muscles underneath (which is good!), but you cannot “burn away” problem areas by doing abdominal exercises alone.



MYTH 2: Ab muscles should be worked everyday

  • Your abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle in your body. You shouldn’t train your shoulders or legs hard everyday without giving those muscles time to rest, recover and rebuild. Your abs are no different. Obviously, repeating the same ab exercises daily from my DVD was not helping 😉


MYTH 3: Ab machines and other “magic ab-gadgets” are more effective than bodyweight workouts

  • As mentioned, the fitness industry takes advantage of customers and markets fancy ab gadgets or have many people believe working their abs with an ab machine in the gym will do the job better than exercising with bodyweight alone (such as planks, etc). While it can be good to use machines (occasionally, if you’d like) bodyweight exercises do an excellent job working your core.


MYTH 4: If I’ve had babies, or if I’m over 40, it’s impossible to ever have a flat midsection again

  • In my frustration after my twin pregnancy, I heard people tell me just to “live with it.” That I had kids and I’d never have my pre-baby body back. Yes, we may have extra skin or stretch marks that may not go away after a baby. It’s also true that as we age it may take more work than before to drop body fat from our midsection, BUT it is still usually possible to have “flatter abs” and make noticeable changes. How do you do this? More on this in tomorrow’s email.


MYTH 5: Aiming to get a strong core is all about obtaining a 6-pack or toned tummy.

  • I love core workouts, but a big reason why goes beyond aesthetics. Other benefits of core workouts include: less back pain, improved posture, improved performance in sports or other physical activities, and better balance and stability. And yes, it was easier to hold my twin girls (one in each arm) with a strong core as well 😉


Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a blog post with the top 5 ways most effective ways to REALLY firm up your midsection, and how I finally got rid of my post-pregnancy lower belly “pooch.”

Talk with you then!

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