How to Keep Your Healthy Diet Satisfying

Do you ever plan and prepare your snacks or meals ahead of time for the week, only to find when it comes time to eat the food you planned it all sounds just…. ugh!

Then since you don’t feel like eating what you originally planned, you chose some other kind of food out of convenience?

Not Wanting What You Prepared

We can come up with the best or “most perfect” meal plans, but when it comes time to eat what we prepared there are times it just doesn’t sound as appealing anymore.

And you know what? That’s OKAY!

No need to feel guilty.

What we are hungry at a given time can change. Cravings change throughout the week too. The only way we can truly build our “forever-fit” eating lifestyle is to honor our personal eating style, and eat for satisfaction (yes, we can do that while eating for health).

It is possible!

Keep a Food Bag/Basket or Some Other Method to Give You More Choices!

This is something I work on regularly with many of my one-on-one clients, and today I want to share this strategy with YOU.

Keep multiple choices for food with you at all times.


For meals, this may be a little more tricky because you don’t want to be prepping multiple lunches or dinners each week, but when you plan your lunches or dinners… mentally give yourself an “out.”

For example, say you are really craving Mexican instead of the grilled chicken you prepared for dinner. Allow yourself an “out” by ordered a chicken fajita “to-go” at your favorite Mexican restaurant. Match your hunger with what you are really craving. Keep a mental list of healthier items you can choose from at restaurants near your home.

And don’t feel forced to eat something just because it’s there. No obligation.


This gets much easier to have more variety on hand than meals, which are often more involved to prepare.

For snacks, pack food (that won’t spoil easily) in a bag/carrier/basket near your desk, purse, car or in some other way that feels most comfortable to you. This gives you multiple options to pick from on hand.

Make it fun.

Then you can have these foods near you before getting too hungry.

It’s like a security blanket – there when you need it.

Some examples of foods I keep on hand are my “built-in treats.”

“Built-In Treats”

These are foods I strategically add into my daily diet to keep me satisfied. Built-in treats may be foods like dark chocolate, my favorite chocolate protein bars, a few Hershey’s Kisses after dinner, light popcorn, baked chips or other treats. These treats typically aren’t as high calorie as other snack choices, but these treats built into our daily diets on a regular basis help take the edge off and keep us feeling satisfied.

Make these “built-in treats” quick and easy. Don’t be unprepared.

Most important: Don’t let yourself become extremely hungry as that increases the possibility that you’ll overeat and not match what you were really craving in the first place.

Give this strategy a try, and let me know if it makes your food feel more satisfying throughout the week!