How to Eat and Exercise Over the Christmas Holiday (Forever-Fit)

First, happy (early) holidays and Merry Christmas! Have a fabulous time celebrating with your loved ones. I always like to take time over the holiday season to say how grateful I am to have you as a Barb’s Fit For Life blog follower. THANK YOU!

Today I have some simple strategies for you to help you have a “forever-fit Christmas.”

What does that mean?

It means feeling healthy and “on track” while still enjoying the holidays.

It means thinking LONG TERM. Not just about a short-term diet or workout plan to give you quick results, but a lifestyle change sustainable enough to live with long term.

We may not be eating 100% clean or losing weight at a super-fast rate, but we can reach our goals at a steady and consistent rate.

When we think forever-fit we are actively choosing to create a healthy lifestyle that is livable, enjoyable, and gets you results that last forever.


1) How to Workout

Even while workouts may not be as frequent this month, make a conscious decision to move. Don’t workout to “erase” certain foods out of guilt. Workout for strength, health, enjoyment, and balance. What matters is what you do with consistency the rest of the year. Not what happens one or two days over the holiday.

2) How to Eat

Build your healthy base, but also think balance, balance, balance – YES, balance works!

Balance and moderation (i.e. #NoBannedFoods living) can produce weight loss and good health.

Building your healthy base revolves around eating your #PVWs (protein, veggies, water consumption). Have a lean protein and low-starch veggies at least 3 times per day. Aim to have at least 80 oz of water. But also, build in some satisfaction, and realize if you don’t hit every #PVW target on Christmas day… that’s OKAY.

Feeling balanced with your food is the ONLY way you CAN finally get free from food obsessions, binge-eating, and sugar addiction, and lose weight for good (without having to go on yet another diet next New Year’s!).

3) No Guilt

Don’t overcompensate for overeating on the holidays. Part of forever-fit living is accepting the amount (or type) of food we eat may fluctuate depending on what’s going on in our lives. Don’t overly slash calories or carbs the next day, and don’t search for a super-strict New Year’s diet to start January 1st and erase all the “bad stuff” you ate.

No guilt… start the next day by building your healthy base again (as mentioned above in ‘How to Eat’ with those #PVWs). And don’t forgot to add those #SatisfactionBites we’ve been talking about to make it sustainable long term!