How Should I Eat On Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is this week. Are you torn with how to stay on track with your fitness program vs. your desire to eat, drink and be merry? Are you afraid you will end up more stuffed than the Thanksgiving bird? How should I eat on Thanksgiving?


Your Healthy Thanksgiving Options

I often say when it comes to nutrition everyone has their own opinions. Yes, even nutrition professionals. Some will say you should stay “on-plan” during the holidays at all costs. Some will recommend you bring your own food – measured and prepared to eat, while everyone else eats with the family. Others will recommend you bring healthier dishes that you can share with everyone, and you just pick the healthier items to eat and pair that with the dish you brought. Finally, some will say, “Take the day off. You deserve it.”


So, what should YOU do?

Well, that depends on YOU. Whatever you choose, the important thing to remember is that YOU are in charge of you. Sometimes we worry we’ll feel powerless to certain treats. We may worry about a family member who is pushing us to eat something we don’t want truly want to eat. Sometimes we may even worry about a loved one who’s making us feel guilty or judging us for indulging in a dessert. Feeling stressed around holiday meals can happen on all ends of the spectrum.



If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I promote BALANCE, and doing whatever possible to avoid feeling stressed over the holidays when it comes to holiday meals.


Here’s some strategies to help you feel balanced and enjoy the holiday:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Focus on some protein at breakfast to help you stay full before the big event.
  • If you’d like, fit in a quick workout in the morning, or even run a Thanksgiving 5K! This is not to “work off” any food you indulge in later. We don’t need to attach feelings of guilt to our food choices. Instead, use this workout to move your body, as well as feel balanced and healthy.
  • Drink your recommended water quota all day.
  • If you’d like, make/bring a healthy dish to balance your plate. Again, remember YOU are in control… not the food, or a pushy family member.
  • NO GUILT! Whatever you do, remember attaching guilt or feeling bad about what we eat is not a “forever-strategy” that works long term to keep our weight “in check.” #NoBannedFoods works and should always be a part of our “forever-strategy.”


After Thanksgiving

No need to punish yourself for enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. Just go back to your regular eating routine the next day. If you’d like, start your day with a nice walk or home workout (you can download some free workouts at the bottom of this blog!).

And by all means, relax and enjoy the time with your family and friends. There is so much food anxiety in the world. When you start to feel stressed or anxious about the holidays – just remember BALANCE is always best! It is possible to have a balanced life and continue to reach your health goals.

How are YOU planning to handle the Thanksgiving festivities?


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