How I Build My Dinner Plate (with pictures)

The last few weeks I’ve been sharing about the importance of doing what works with it comes to our health. Today I wanted to share a bit more about how I put that into practice with real life examples. My hope is that you can take some of these ideas and use them for yourselves right now!


Back when I used to severely cut carbs and follow strict meal plans, I would often have to make  different dinners for myself. They would be completely different than what I served my husband and children.

But I found that wasn’t sustainable for me, and it was not the example I wanted to continue for my daughters. I wanted to make ONE dinner that we all could eat. And I was worried about my girls hearing me talk about about all the foods I “couldn’t eat on my diet.” Now, instead of focusing on foods to ban or restrict, I focus on ADDING more healthy foods to our plates.

In fact, we regularly eat family-friendly kids meals like burgers, pasta – even tacos!

Here’s an example of what I do…

Pictured below: Burger made with 94% lean beef with zucchini on the side, seasoned with a little olive oil and spices. We love having burgers in our house! And yes, even with white bread sometimes… but look how we also focused on adding green veggies to our plate.

These zucchini were marinated in some olive oil and spices – delicious and satisfying. By the way, if you want to see more of my dinner plate pictures on a regular basis, find me at

I post plate pictures there.

Here’s another example of one of my dinner plates.

As you can see, I choose satisfaction over perfection. When I was in hard-core dieting mode, I knew the power of veggies for fat loss and good health. But, with that said, I prepared them by steaming or having them plain because I didn’t want to add fat or dairy to top them.

Over time, this made me dread some of my veggies or just eat them when I was being “good” on my diet.

Fast forward to today: I add a little olive oil and Parmesan cheese to my kale…. and I can’t get enough. Fills most of my plate. So GOOD! You don’t need to pile on toppings, but sometimes a little is all it takes to make a healthy meal super satisfying.


Here’s a final example: pasta with chicken, veggies and parmesan. Delicious! And, btw pasta DOESN’T need to cause weight gain.

I love pasta. But, with the countless diets I’ve been on in my past, pasta was banned. I would do well on those diets for a period of time. The only problem was when around pasta again, I would overeat it and feel guilty! This would sabotage results. That was until I embraced moderation and started to build pasta into my healthy diet.

The truth is any food can be made fat loss friendly and fit in a healthy lifestyle. Portion of that food is what determine results.

Now, I will admit there are times the kiddos aren’t always crazy about eating their veggies, but even if they aren’t finishing all the veggies on their plate, they frequently get to try them with this method. In addition, taste buds change as they get older, so slowly they are open to more variety. Best of all, you no longer have the need to cook multiple dinners in the house!

So remember, when we focus on ADDING instead of BANNING, we are not only setting ourselves up for good health, but also for building a healthier relationship with the food we eat!

Respond and let me know if you try adding more veggies to your plate or if you’ve seen this method work for you and your family in the past.