Helpful Protein Resources (Free Guide!)

Ever wondered which foods count as a healthy protein?

Do you need a protein shopping list?

There is a link to both below!  

Why protein is important in our diets:  

1) It helps build muscle

2) Helps us feel full and satisfied

3) Helps stabilize and control our blood sugar (important if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic!)

4) Our bodies use protein to build and repair tissues

5) Our bodies use protein to make hormones and other important enzymes 

Many of us need to add more lean protein to our diets, but we often find it a difficult task.  Each month my clients and I not only focus on their individual health goals, but we also have an additional health focus to inspire and motivate us.  

This month our focus is called #PositiveProtein. I’m sharing some of our resources with you! 

Today’s resources will help you figure out which foods actually count as a protein source, and they will give you ideas on what you can buy at the grocery store each week to ensure you’re getting enough protein.  

Download your protein cheat sheet and shopping list HERE