This Got Me So Stinkin’ Mad (Body Shaming on Social Media)

Body shaming on social media gets me so stinkin’ mad. And we need to start talking about this type of online bullying and spreading the word.  A few months ago I posted on my Facebook page about my newest free download, “Beat the Weekend Binge,” which by the way… if you’d like that or ANY of my free downloads, you can access them HERE.

But, I digress 😉 …. when posting on Facebook educating on ways to beat weekend binge-eating, I received this NASTY comment on my Facebook post that got me SO…. SO… MAD!!!!



Now, you may just say that’s an “Internet troll” and it’s super common to get negative posts on social media. No big deal, right?

That is true there are Internet trolls who just like to spread negativity online, but what REALLY bothered me was that it’s NOT the first time someone has posted and shared with me that people who struggle with fitness or weight loss goals just need to stop being lazy and get “MORE WILLPOWER.”

I’m starting to see this false message out there A LOT nowadays. Many times, we even say this to ourselves. We say it’s our fault we can’t control ourselves around food, or that we are too lazy or don’t have enough willpower to “get it together.”


But, the truth is, that’s not the issue. And anyone who looks at someone who binges (which I did for years on my own weight loss journey!), and simply thinks that person just needs to learn how to “say no” on the way to the kitchen has NO idea what this struggle is truly all about.


So, yes… that comment on my Facebook post got me stinkin’ mad.

BUT, on a good note, it also inspired me to write some blog posts to educate on this important topic.

Remember, the answer isn’t always as simple as, “you just need more willpower.”


Please feel free to share any of the blog posts and resources above online too. Help spread the word and get this important message out there.