How to Focus on Self Care for More Weight Loss

Did you realize “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts?” This may make you chuckle. It did for me when I first realized it, but sometimes I don’t feel it’s just a coincidence 😉

This summer has been one of those crazy-busy and slightly stress-filled summers for me. Still good, but we had a lot going on we didn’t plan on which impacted all of us a bit. For me, it tends to manifest itself into some internal anxiety. Sometimes it’s sleepless nights, which in the past, I’ve often relieved by “zoning out” with some emotional eating. This especially would occur at night.

It’s easy to get caught up in this cycle. After years of working on balance, I can catch myself now and start to see when it’s starting to happen. I look for my warning signs.

For example, a couple of nights this summer I would suddenly catch myself wanting to mindlessly munch on a big bag of potato chips late at night. Instead of falling into the binge-deprive cycle (or just feeling guilty for binge-eating), like I used to in my dieting past, now I recognized this was my cue that there may be something more going on that needed to be addressed.



Fat loss and good health are not only achieved with nutrition and exercise, but also when we keep stress hormones, such as cortisol in check! This makes episodes of binge-eating and unhealthy food cravings decrease!

How do we keep our stress hormones in check so we can reduce episodes of binge-eating and unhealthy food cravings that pop up?

By doing what I call #SelfCareSlowDown!

Are you taking a few minutes for you each day to unwind and have a little self care time? It doesn’t take much, even just 5-10 minutes on your own to breathe and destress a bit.

As a mommy, sometimes for me that can even mean hiding out in the bathroom for 5 minutes with the door locked mindlessly looking at my phone. You may laugh, but seriously, you’ve got to get that downtime when you see an opportunity to take it!

Enjoying some #SelfCareSlowDown time in the Shenandoah Mountains. 

I hope today’s blog serves as a reminder for YOU to look for any warning signs that may pop up and take that as a cue that it may be time to put yourself first (prioritize self care!) for at least 5-10 minutes of your day – maybe more, if you can swing it!

Get in some #SelfCareSlowDown time!