Do You Embrace THIS Weight Loss Struggle?

“I constantly remind myself whatever it is that’s in front of me: don’t go around it, go through it.” – Steve Young

Each week, my husband, Ron and I have our DVR time.

Do you do this too?

We record a bunch of shows and spend the weekend going through the DVR and watching them. It’s OUR time – and we love it!

My husband, Ron is a huge football fan. One of the shows we watch together is “A Football Life.” 

It chronicles the story of an NFL football player’s life each week.

This past week was about Steve Young, a retired quarterback from the San Francisco 49’ers.

Now don’t worry, if you aren’t a football fan, this blog will not be overloaded with “stats” and football lingo. I am writing about Steve Young’s story because as I was watching this show, I realized the struggles he encountered (and lessons learned) throughout his football career are relatable to struggles many of us face on our health and fitness journey.

Quarterback Steve Young Featured on A Football Life…. his life lessons can help us with our weight loss journey….




Alright… stick with me for a bit (even if you aren’t a football fan, I promise it will be worth it, especially if you have a weight loss struggle you are trying to overcome 😉

A little background…. Steve started his college football career as an exceptional player. He received multiple awards during his college football years, which even resulted in him becoming a member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

When Steve started his professional football career with the NFL, though, things did not go smoothly for him at first. Although he was talented when starting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he was traded after 2 losing seasons. He felt defeated, and worried his dream of being a quarterback in the NFL was over. Steve knew he could play well, but he didn’t feel like he had the platform with Tampa Bay to showcase his skills.

Luckily, at that time, Bill Walsh (coach of the San Fran 49’ers) saw talent in Steve, and decided to give him another shot.

Steve Young was traded to the 49’ers as a “back-up” quarterback for Joe Montana. While Steve was happy to have another shot at football, and felt lucky to work with Bill Walsh, and Joe Montana, but he struggled sitting on the side lines.

Steve felt like there was always something getting in his way of being able to play football to his full potential.

When Steve would get to play as back-up quarterback, sometimes fans were not happy he was playing. They would want Joe Montana playing instead. Steve felt he was constantly in Joe Montana’s shadow.

Steve wanted to quit football many times.  But, remembering life lessons from his father, Steve stuck with football and learned as much as he could.


He learned how to CHANGE his MINDSET, so he could EMBRACE these struggles and learn from them.

Finally, in 1991, Steve got his chance to lead the team as quarterback when Joe Montana was injured. Steve Young shined. I won’t go into football stats and details, but even though he had up and down seasons, his shining moment was when he lead his team to a Super Bowl Championship in 1995 as lead quarterback!

Steve finally realized after all the years of struggling, the lessons learned, and his mindset shift – it all paid off. He became a better football player BECAUSE of the struggles he went through.

Steve Young is now regarded as one of the top football players of our time, and is a member of the Football Hall of Fame (football’s highest honor).



How many times have you started over on your weight loss or health journey?

Have you had a weight loss struggle you felt you couldn’t overcome?


How many times have you thought this….  “If life could only be LESS crazy, I’d be able to thrive and finally reach my health and fitness goals?”


How many times has your motivation felt low – and you wanted to give up trying to get healthy? Or how many times DID you give up on your health goals?

The struggles we encounter in life are often what we BLAME for us not reaching our goals.


But WHAT IF…. learning how to get THROUGH your weight loss struggle is what it takes to finally THRIVE? What if that helps us reach our health and fitness goals once and for all? #MindsetShift

I believe most of us look at the fitness journey backwards.

As someone who’s come out on the other side (and has been able to maintain my fitness for the first time ever), I realized I learned the skills to reach my goals without struggles I used to have.


This was after being 40 lbs heavier than my current weight (as a result of overeating/binge eating), and then being 20 lbs below my current weight (as a result of eating disorders).

I’ve realized I would NOT be as balanced, health and happy as I am now if I didn’t learn how to get through those struggles.

As Steve Young said, what if instead of trying to go AROUND your weight loss struggle, you go THROUGH it?

The lessons are learned by figuring out how to stay balanced and fit, even with craziness life throws our way.