Core Workouts That Are Actually Effective

In honor of my Forever-Fit Warriors #TrimYourMid launch, I’ll be sharing tools all week about how to firm up your midsection. In addition, I’ll be sharing core workouts that actually work.


In the last 2 days of blog posts I shared my struggle to trim my mid after having my twin girls. I lost all my pregnancy weight, but still had that jiggly lower belly area that wouldn’t go away. In addition, I was wearing pants with an elastic waist or my old maternity jeans and a long shirt to cover it.

I was doing DVDs with core workouts, but nothing was changing. That was until I got a trainer who taught me how to REALLY firm up my abs.

I shared a blog yesterday listing the exact strategies that finally worked for me.



So, if doing a bunch of ab workouts isn’t effective to trim your mid… why all the buzz about “training your core???”

Training your “core” is a hot term in the fitness industry – and for good reason. We often hear having a strong core is a good thing – but why?

Because it’s about so much more than ab-training alone!



Our core is not only abdominal muscles (which there are multiple different ab muscles, by the way), but also our back muscles, hips, glutes, etc. Our core includes our stabilizer muscles that help us balance and maintain a strong center of gravity. Having a strong core helps reduce lower back pain, maintain good posture and reduces chance of injury for the rest of our lives!

In fact, only training our abdominal (front muscles) can lead to muscle imbalances. We must train the rest of the core muscles effectively. If not, this can set us up for problems in the future, such as poor flexibility in our back or other injuries over time.

I do core workouts with my daughter Ashley. Having a strong core is not only good for me, but it helps Ashley move better and keep her balance!


As you read from my other blog posts this week, you can’t spot reduce your midsection by exercising your core (that’s a major myth). But, training your core still is super important. Training your core can set you up for successful weight loss long term.



Part of our #TrimYourMid focus in Forever-Fit Warriors is a 31-day (short bodyweight) core workout calendar. This is similar to the 30-day calendar we had in #SpringFitKickstart. I received a lot of great feedback about that calendar, which is why I created this.

Now, this is NOT 31 days of abdominal workouts (as that’s too much back-to-back training for abs), BUT these will work the various the muscles of your core in little spurts daily. This calendar is great if you have low back pain or simply want a strong core. And of course, we are pairing this with lots of tools on how to actually trim your core (not by spot-reducing ab workouts, since that’s a myth).


p.s. Have you downloaded my Busy Woman’s Workout Guide yet? It includes 7 SUPER effective workouts, as well as other core workouts I’ve used to trim my mid after twins. Download a free copy HERE.