Build Motivation For Your Health (Stephen Hawking Inspiration)

Need some motivation and inspiration to stick to your health goals? Read on…

You may have heard scientist Stephen Hawking passed away earlier this year at the age of 76. This made news around the world. He was one of the top scientists in the fields of cosmology, astronomy, black holes, and more.

He was also well known for being diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21, and only given a couple of years to live. Even with that devastating diagnosis, he never gave up and lived an additional 55 years. While being confined to a wheel chair, and even losing his ability to speak and move, he continued to make advances in his field. He became a best-selling author and speaker (speaking through a computer attached to his wheel chair), and taught millions of fans around the world about the universe.

So, why am I writing you about Stephen Hawking today?

Well, (1) because if you follow me you know I’m a fan of astronomy, so his passing has been on my mind, but (2 – most important) it’s because while reading many of the tributes to him this year, I’ve been even more inspired about everything he overcame in his life, and his message of inspiration for his fans.

And yes…. his inspiring journey even made me think about the health and weight loss journeys many of us sometimes struggle with at times.



I’ve talked with many friends and clients over the years who struggle with the health and fitness journey.

And I get it! The journey is not always an easy one. I have lived this struggle myself, especially over my previous 14-year dieting journey.

Whether we struggle is to stay consistent with exercise, improve our health after being diagnosed with a medical condition, or even trying to stop binge eating – it can be tough.

Oftentimes, many of us struggle to give up yo-yo dieting and the fad diets for good. We find ourselves tempted to try fad diets to speed up weight loss, even though we know they may not be good for us.

It’s typically hard to make new habits and change the ways we are used to living on a daily basis, but I want today’s email to inspire you.​

​​​​​​​But first, inspiring words of wisdom from Stephen Hawking…


Stephen Hawking didn’t know what his future would bring after his ALS diagnosis, but as you can see by his quote, he realized there was always SOMETHING he could do and succeed at, as long as he didn’t give up.

​​​​​​​Instead of being overwhelmed with everything he had to overcome, he overcame things ONE obstacle at a time.

Today I offer you the same challenge.

Start with ONE nutrition or exercise habit you’d like to start working on…. TODAY!

Don’t wait until Monday to start practicing this new healthy habit.

Start now.

Give up the idea of being perfect and needing to master everything about health and fitness at once.

Pick ONE healthy habit you feel you have a high chance of success in achieving, and practice it until you can do it consistently.

Maybe your healthy habit can be adding veggies to your plate 3 times per day, or doing a 20-minute workout 3 times per week.

Once you can do that new habit consistently, ONLY THEN add a second habit to work on.

We often crash and burn when we begin working on our health and fitness because we look at the whole journey in front of us and get overwhelmed.

What would happen if you broke it down and started practicing one healthy habit at a time? Research shows you’ll have a much higher chance of long-term success!​​​​​​​

Contact me and let me know the healthy habit you’re going to commit to practicing this week.​​​​​​