Be Unapologetically YOU? {+FREE WORKOUT}

“There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you.”
― Steve Maraboli

That quote is for all of you. ❤️️

Thank you for the feedback I received to my Insider’s blog last week.

In my last blog post I wrote a personal message about how I was on a journey of finally starting to speak my mind more, give up the people-pleasing or censoring myself in order to please the masses or fit in a part/role of what others may want of me.

To be unapologetically ME.

Some of the responses I received to that post:

“Big love to you, and thank for inspiring me to take the gloves off.”

“I absolutely love your honesty and how upfront you are about speaking your mind without censoring yourself. I want to do the same, but it is so hard sometimes. Thank you for this message and inspiring me to be a little more brave in my own life today.”

“OMG! I am totally feeling this. At 58, I’ve finally decided I’m too old to care what others think of my opinions on certain subjects. If they can’t handle it, they need to take a hike and I’ve not been “shy” about asking them to do that! Thanks! I needed this. xoxo”

And my husband’s response to my email (yes, he’s on my Insider’s email list too 😉 “I love it. How cleansing was that? (indeed, it was cleansing).

While I’m starting this journey in multiple areas of my personal and professional life (is this what happens as we near 40 years old??), I gave the examples of how I’ve started to do this in my fitness business. Then I proceeded to educate on why fad diets like Whole30, 21-Day Fix, Plexus, Atkins and more are total crap, even though a large portion of my social media followers love these diets and don’t like to hear anything negative about them.

I wholeheartedly believe these diets may give us quick results up front, but then cause us to struggle more with weight loss long term, which I explained the reasons for in that email.

In addition, I declared I was going to stop apologizing for the length of my blog posts and emails (and how in depth they sometimes are). I am embracing that I love educating on the mindset and mental struggles of the fitness journey, even though I’ve received some unsubscribes from people complaining my communications were too “in-depth,” personal, or too long.

You can read a copy of my last post HERE.



Based on the responses I received, the take away is many of you want to be yourselves in your own life too!

It looks like many of you are also on the journey to speak your mind – even if you have an unpopular viewpoint or you were scared to share your thoughts in the past.

Those responses made me so happy!

I understand the struggle many of you wrote about! Sometimes it’s hard to “be ourselves” when we live in a society that often promotes conformity and fitting in. With the media pressures (especially social media), oftentimes it can be hard to find the confidence in just being YOU.

Or we see what others post online and get caught up in the #comparisontrap. This is common for social media when we look at someone’s highlight reel all the time in our Facebook timelines.



Since many of you seem to be on this mindset journey with me (or want to be on the journey) I’m veering off from the fitness topic a bit today because I feel it’s important based on what I’m hearing from you.

With that in mind, today I challenge you to be real, raw and honest about something. Share your real thoughts on a topic that means a lot to you. Tell a friend or loved one about your thoughts.

Or post your true beliefs about something you feel strongly about on your social media profile. Whatever you feel called to share today. If you are on the fence or scared to share your thoughts – use this little push from me today to live your truth and just do it!

And please feel free to let me know about it! What I love about many of you who read my posts is you respond back and communicate with me. I love that I know many of you and what you are going through both fitness-wise and personally. Thank you for that.



This post didn’t have much to do with fitness today (and this IS a fitness blog), so I wanted to end it by giving you a free workout. Because, hey… we need to work on the mindset stuff, but also exercise our bodies as well 😉

Thank you for being a Barb’s Fit For Life blog reader. I appreciate you!

You can connect to your free home workout HERE. It includes video instruction and a grab-and-go PDF with workout instructions!