Accountability Challenge in December?

Each year, Halloween through Christmas, I would typically fall off track with my fitness. It was hard to navigate around all the holiday goodies, and it would seem I’d have no time to workout. This would cause me to gain weight at the end of each year, and then try hard to “get back on the wagon” each January. This cycle did not feel good, and it would continue every year.

That was until about 5 years ago, when I started changing my mindset and adopted a new way of handling the holiday season, and my health goals in general!

If you’ve been a Barb’s Fit For Life blog reader for a while, you already know the changes I made when I finally gave up yo-yo dieting, perfectionism, and adopted, what I call…. my “forever-fit” lifestyle.

This is what I help my clients do now as well!

It IS possible to go through the holiday season feeling strong, balanced, and healthy!

With that in mind, I’m opening up an opportunity for you to join me for my #FITmas12Challenge in December!



Each month my Forever-Fit Warrior clients and I have a focus.

This month our focus is “FITmas12 Challenge.”

All through December we will be working to stay consistent (and balanced!) with our workouts during the holiday month!

With the #FitMas12Challenge, we challenge each other to commit to a minimum of 12 days of exercise in December.


Some of what we’ll be doing in Forever-Fit Warriors for our #FITmas12Challenge focus in December…


  • My signature at-home, 10-20 minute workouts to strengthen and firm your entire body.


  • Live online group workouts and coaching sessions with me. We’ll be exercising together and I’ll be educating you on how to workout most effectively in little time this holiday season.


  • Work on mindset blocks that may be preventing you from exercising consistently during the holiday month.


  • Get personalized support with your nutrition program, including my signature #NoBannedFoods weight loss program. Navigate your way through the holiday month without feeling out of control or super deprived.


  • I’ll be providing additional short, effective home workouts you can do at home in 10-20 minutes. This also comes with a workout calendar for December.



Whoever completes 12 workouts this month in our Forever-Fit Warriors coaching group will be entered in a drawing. At the end of the month I’ll be coming on Facebook Live in our coaching group to pick the winner. They will win an Amazon gift card- and bragging rights!



If you’re already a Forever-Fit Warriors member, then you are all set and you’re in #FITmas12Challenge in December!

If you aren’t already a Forever-Fit Warriors member yet, join our supportive coaching community for our #FITmas12Challenge!





p.s. As a reminder, if you aren’t already a Forever-Fit Warrior, now is the perfect time to join us! Be a part of our #FITmas12Challenge HERE!