3 Reasons It’s Not Ok To Comment On Someone’s Body (Body Positive)

Did you watch the Super Bowl this week? Surprised we are talking about the Super Bowl and the body positive movement in the same blog?

If you watched it then you know it was an exciting game, with a great halftime performance by Lady Gaga.

But with that said, I was astonished to wake up the next morning and read that Lady Gaga’s physique was a topic going viral on the Internet. Tweets and social media posts were BASHING the performer for her “gut” and “fat rolls” around her midsection.

Here’s just a sampling of what I saw online….


THIS is what’s wrong with the world, and what causes so many of us to feel guilty about our bodies and constantly try to obtain unrealistic body standards.

When I watched the Super Bowl halftime show I thought Lady Gaga looked amazing, strong, healthy and beautiful.

Then I saw tweets like the ones above and couldn’t believe it.

If you’ve been a Barb’s Fit For Life blog reacher for a while then you know I’m proud to be a part of the “body positive” and #TeamNoGuilt movement.

We need to stop promoting unrealistic standards and celebrate REAL bodies because… #YouAreEnough.

Yes, we can have a personal goal to be healthy, best our “best selves” or even have a personal goal to lose weight, but commenting on other’s bodies, body shaming and trying to obtain or promote unrealistic standards is never good.

With that said, I’m sending today’s email with the purpose of getting this message out there. It’s important to educate on why it’s NOT ok to comment on someone else’s body, even if we think we are helping them.



1) It’s their body and not our business.

Even if we think we are trying to help a loved one we wish would lose weight or “get healthy,” commenting on that person’s appearance is not ok.

2) It may get that person on a disordered cycle of constantly trying to achieve the “perfect” body or strive for unrealistic body standards.

At it’s worst, this can even set them up on the path of eating disorders. In addition this can lead to disordered views of their body or weight, binge-eating disorder and more. We take comments about our bodies to heart. Be kind.


3) We don’t know that person’s story.

It’s not our place to judge others, and who knows what their backstory is or their current relationship with their body. It’s not our place to assume we know everything about a person based on their appearance.

But who said it best was Lady Gaga herself in her own Instagram post after hearing the news that her body was the topic of conversation.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Have you experienced a situation where someone commented on your body in a negative way? Have you experienced body shaming by someone or seen it done to others? Sometimes we even catch ourselves shaming our own bodies. Can you relate?

Please feel free to reach out and respond to this blog if it resonates with you. You know I love to hear from you all and I read every response.

Let’s keep spreading the word to stop body shaming.