Ever Wish Someone Could Slap Unhealthy Foods Out of Your Hands?

Do you ever wish you had someone follow you around to slap unhealthy foods out of your hands?

The meme above is funny, and I’ve had it sent to me before as a joke from multiple people.

But is there any truth to it?

Today’s blog is about why that strategy DOES NOT work long term, but I will give you an option that WILL WORK instead.

Having Someone Monitor/Control Your Food Doesn’t Work Forever

On past diets, I would ask people to stop me in moments of weakness when I would be tempted to eat “bad” food. I would ask friends and loved ones to do this for me and ask them to try and persuade me to stay on track.

But nobody could keep me on track forever. This would only work for a short period of time. Even if I tried to stop myself from eating certain foods (by keeping them out of the house), I couldn’t keep that up forever either.

What Works: Heal Your Relationship with All Foods

Only one thing truly works long term. The answer is not to restrict, but to heal your relationship with all foods. I have written about this quite a bit in the past.

I won’t go into the steps again here in this email. I’ve gone over my step-by-step process for healing your relationship with all foods in the blog posts below.

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How I Monitor My Clients’ Nutrition As a Health & Nutrition Coach

One thing I do with all of my nutrition clients is help them meal plan, and then track their daily nutrition with them on an online food logging database.

You may think that goes against what I’ve just gotten done writing about here – that you can’t make long-term progress with someone policing your food.

But… I do it differently.

I help clients heal their relationship with all foods, while reaching their goals.

First, I encourage my clients to be honest on their food logs. It’s a no-judgement lifestyle program. I teach them how ALL foods (even ones we’d previously label as bad) can have a healthy place in a well-rounded diet.

The food log is not something I judge. Although, it’s partly there for accountability, it is not used for that purpose.

Instead I use the food log to help each of my clients create THEIR PERSONAL forever-fit nutrition plan (which looks unique for everyone), find balance, and learn how to fit ALL foods that they enjoy into their life in a way that will still help them achieve their goals.

For more on how I work one-on-one with my clients to help them heal their relationship with all foods, get fit, and reach their health and weight loss goals for good, read more details on my coaching page HERE. ​​​​​​​