How To Fall In Love With Exercise

This picture is a bit of a #FlashBackFriday photo. The year is 2013 (aren’t the girls adorable, btw?). They grow so fast! I’m sharing this photo with you because 2013 was the year I learned how to REALLY fall in love with exercise again.​​​ Have you ever wondered how to fall in love with exercise?



As we know, regular exercise helps us in many ways! Exercise increases our strength and flexibility, improves energy levels, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, helps manage stress, anxiety, diabetes and more.

If we know regular exercise can do good things for us, why do we struggle to exercise consistently sometimes?

Because many times we approach exercise like we approach a diet. It doesn’t come from enjoyment. And our only goal is aesthetics. Not that you can’t workout for physique goals, but we often fall into a trap where we merge exercise with the same mindset as we use for dieting.

Merging exercise with the diet mindset makes it come with rules, deprivation, and having weight loss be our ONLY measure for success.

That can make exercise subconsciously come with a lot of guilt and not a lot of enjoyment.



Prior to 2013, exercise for me was all about physique and “looking the part.”

I was trying to fit into physique standards I placed on myself as a trainer and standards I was told were “optimal” by certain family members.

I felt like I wasn’t measuring up if I didn’t look a certain way. Because of that, I struggled to stay consistent with my gym workouts.

Finally, in 2013, I made a change. I had to find what I LOVED about moving my body and exercising!

For me (and this is different for everyone), I discovered getting out of the gym environment and focusing on my health first (instead of just body weight) made me fall in love with movement.

And exercising with my daughters near me made me start to fall in love with the process. It became about setting a healthy example for them. And staying active so I could play with them. It became more about fun. Over time this started to change my mindset about moving my body!

Could YOU fall in love with movement again? (spoiler… the answer is yes!)




Each month my Forever-Fit Warrior clients and I have a focus.

This month our focus is the #LoveHowYouMove Challenge!

At one point YOU probably loved to move your body. Most of us can remember this love of movement back from our childhood.

Let’s start to capture that love of movement again.


Some of what we’ll be doing this month in Forever-Fit Warriors for our “Love How You Move Challenge”:

  • Live online workouts and coaching sessions with me on how to fall in love with exercise again. Discover which exercise program can work for you and how you can stick with it.


  • Work on mindset blocks that may be preventing you from exercising consistently right now.


  • Build the exercise habit so you can workout consistently going forward.


  • Get personalized support with your workout program.


  • I’ll be providing short, effective home workouts you can do at home in 10-20 minutes (if you’d like to use them). As well as a workout calendar for June.


  • PRIZES: Those who complete 12 days of movement and build their exercise habit in June will be entered in a drawing for a grand prize (Amazon Gift Card!)!


HOW TO JOIN #LoveHowYouMove Challenge (FREE!)

If you aren’t already a Forever-Fit Warriors member, join our supportive coaching community as we do our #LoveHowYouMove Challenge.

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