4 Simple Ways to Get Kids (and Ourselves!) More Active

When I was a little girl I used to play outside for hours riding my pink bike with the big banana seat and white basket with flowers stitched on the front. I remember it well because I loved staying outside and riding that bike for hours every day. We didn’t have the Internet, social media, computer games, or a lot of the scary fears of the outside world that often cause us keep our kids inside more nowadays. It was a different time. We didn’t have to worry about how to get kids more active. Even as adults we were more active ourselves back then.

Times have changed.

And we are so busy that sometimes it feels like we don’t have time to be active like we want to.

BUUUTTT… with that said, being active on a regular basis is also one of the BEST ways to keep us feeling good, have more energy, help our mood, reduce stress levels, sleep better, and keep our bodies healthy, fit and strong!

Today’s blog will teach a practical plan for REAL LIFE, with 4 simple strategies to get our kids (and ourselves!) more active!



1) Be The Example

By far the #1 way to get our kiddos moving, is by being the example ourselves. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my twin girls it’s that, especially at a young age, they want to do what we do. Now, their teenage years may be another story (haha – they probably won’t want to be like us at all!), but for now if they see my husband and I being active, they want to join us.

This may include walks or runs around the neighborhood (major credit to my husband, Ron, for picking up running) or joining me for home workouts.

Here’s a screenshot of the girls joining me for one of the workouts videos I did with my Forever-Fit Warriors coaching group.


2) Make Movement Fun

As grown ups we often end up hating exercise. Sometimes it’s hard to remember when we were younger and we used to have fun moving our bodies.

Why do we grow up hating exercise?

Often it’s because after years of dieting we often associate the “yo-yo diet mentality” we often with exercise. This mentality can make us associate exercise with hating our bodies. For example… we look in the mirror, hate what we see, pick ourselves apart, and then do some type of extreme workout because we hate how we look.

Over time this will make us not want to exercise, although this can be subconscious and we may not even know why we hate to do it.

The signs this is happening… it’s when we start saying things like, “I must be lazy or not motivated.” In reality, nothing can be further from the truth. Laziness isn’t the problem. The yo-yo diet mentality (often made worse by the billion dollar diet industry) is to blame. Even after this month is over, I challenge you to keep working on finding that love of movement. We may not even have felt it since we were kids, but it’s there.

When it comes to your kids, keep movement fun! Play sports, ride bikes or do something they find enjoyable.

When it comes to you, if you feel years of dieting may have caused you to hate exercise, start repairing this by moving your body in ways that feel good and restorative to you. That’s the first step! Once our mindset begins to heal, we can add even more activity and workouts to our lives – not because we hate our body, but because we love how it feels when we move on a regular basis.


3) Encourage Them To Do What They Already Enjoy

If your child doesn’t want to exercise regularly, encourage them to find an activity they already enjoy or have interest in. Perhaps they love to swim, ride their bike, or even like to watch a certain sport on television. Encouraging your child to pick up a sport they already have an interest watching on TV is often the perfect bridge to getting your child active on a regular basis.


4) Enjoy The Moment With Them

When it comes to our kiddos, they are only young once. I can tell you from experience these years are already flying by. Enjoy the moment to get active and play with them. I know what it’s like to wish for quiet time on the sofa scrolling through social media, but when those moments come to go swimming or on a bike ride with our kids – put down the electronics and enjoy playing with them. Make those memories. Have a blast!

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